Hillary unleashed

Hillary Clinton: “The Supreme Court is Wrong On The Second Amendment”

There’s just so much here packed into a mere 33 seconds!

First let’s talk about “this pernicious, corrupting influence of the NRA”. She’s talking about silencing the voices of 5,000,000 law abiding Americans. She’s talking about erasing not only the 2nd Amendment rights of millions of Americans, she’s talking about erasing their 1st Amendment rights as well. She wants to disenfranchise you for disagreeing with her 0n gun rights.

And then there’s her praise for her husband when he “took [the NRA] out” to pass the 1994 Clinton Gun Ban. The only thing he took out was the longest lived political majority in American history. Historians and politicians of all stripes credit the “assault weapon” ban with the demise of the Democrats’ House majority.

Hillary again ignores history when she blames George W. Bush for the ban’s sunset in 2004. The ban sunsetted because the not-Democrat House majority that Bill Clinton helped to elect wouldn’t pass the extension. (Gun owners would do well to remember that Bush, a Republican, promised to sign the ban if it ever reached his desk.)

Finally, there’s her contention that the Supreme Court was “wrong on the 2nd Amendment”. Presumably, she’s talking about the Heller decision and not the McDonald decision. (That latter is really about the 14th Amendment and I can’t imagine her pining for the days before “incorporation”.) The heart of Heller is the Court’s recognition that the 2nd Amendment protects an individual liberty, not a State power. Hillary apparently longs for a return to the errant belief that the 2nd Amendment somehow only applies to the National Guard. That’s really the only way that she would be able to ban guns like the AR-15.

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