A correction

About 10 days ago, I posted this update about AB 1673. In it, I reported than an already stupid bill had been made worse.

The bill had been held up by the Assembly Public Safety Committee, presumable because it is so badly worded. Like most people, I assumed that the committee was asking that the bill be fixed. And since it was passed out of the committee, I also assumed that there were changes made. Another site reported the supposed changes that I repeated here; that the bill had been made even more idiotic than before.

I promised to post a link to the updated text. However, it’s been a week and a half now and there have been no updates to the bill’s text on the Legislature’s website. They’re not the quickest site out there when it comes to updates, but they’re usually not this slow. I can only assume that the bill was passed as-is, i.e. with no additional stoopid added. I posted what I did, when I did, under the belief that the Legislature’s site would eventually post the update. I decided not to wait because they can take up to a week to get their updates out. I also made the assumption that the details reported by the other site were from a source present at the 2nd committee hearing. This remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, our original mocking of the bill stands. It still would outlaw unserialized bricks of 7075-T6 aluminum as though they were completed firearms. It may not have gone that extra mile by banning half of the McMaster-Carr catalog, but it’s still mind numbingly stupid.

If the bill’s text does get updated, I’ll correct this correction!

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