Liberal nightmare fuel

Billionaire Bloomy and his mommy minions are no doubt having some sleepless nights. Gun grabbers like them have long hoped that women would be the driving force to advance their anti-gun cause in the US. This comes from the traditional view that guns are a “guy thing”. For them, the stuff of nightmares is that perception changing.

which it is.

The number of women who buy and carry guns has more than doubled over the past decade, according to organizations like the National Rifle Association and the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

[Lorraine] Wall, who has lived between Lapel and Anderson for 14 years, started the Madison County chapter of The Well Armed Woman a year and a half ago. It’s one of 13 chapters in Indiana.

“I wanted to do something for women here,” she said. “I wanted to find something I could do and shoot with other women.”

Wall said she believed the growing popularity of gun ownership among women is inspired by their need for independence.

“A lot of women want to feel like they can do something for themselves,” she said. “They feel it’s not just up to their husband to protect their family but they can protect their family.”

Women, as a matter of biological imperative, seek stability. Men, on the other hand, are hardwired for instability. Our species depends on a balance between those two competing impulses. Men push the envelope while women reel them back in. For years now, the Left has been able to use firearms as a physical embodiment of “maleness” and the instability that men sow. Furthermore, “maleness” and its resultant instability has been painted as a bad thing rather than a necessary part of the human condition. The Left has taught women to hate this quality in their fathers, husbands, and sons. It then taught them to hate guns as a way to hate “maleness”.

But then something went horribly wrong. (Well… horribly wrong if you want women to hate guns.) Women have begun to see firearms as a way to increase the stability their DNA forces them to seek. When the Left sought to make “maleness” undesirable, they accomplished two things: They removed the moderating influence of “femaleness” from some men and caused others to reject any form of “maleness” at all. Thus society saw increasing numbers of uncivilized, predatory men and eunuchs. This is not a formula for stability and women are starting to realize it. A firearm and the ability of a woman to use it tips the balance back toward stability.

Worse yet for the Left is the fact that women are learning that firearms are more than just protection for hearth and home: Shooting is an enjoyable experience. As it turns out, there’s something to be said for pushing the envelope. and doing “guy things”.  More and more women, as well as the men in their lives, are finding that they are actually quite good at it. (By the way, real men don’t find this threatening at all. We want an equal in life, not a dependent.) So instead of being repelled by guns as symbols of “maleness”, women are seeing guns as tools that they can use for their own betterment. This is precisely the opposite of what the gun hating Left wanted.

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