Feet, fire… You get the picture

Via Fox News this morning: A “split” is growing in the Senate GOP over the confirmation of Obama’s extremist pick for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland. So if you were expecting rock-ribbed Republicans to hold the line and protect your civil liberties, then you need to put that meth pipe down. This is not a fight that will be won by the GOP and their “staunch commitment to the 2nd Amendment”. It will more likely be won by holding their unwilling feet to the fire. Left to their own devices, many Senate Republicans would run off like scared, little rabbits rather than stand firm to protect American gun owners. And it wouldn’t take too many of these scared, little rabbits to send the 2nd Amendment down the memory hole.

No action is required of our members just yet; this is only a heads-up. Continue monitoring these pages and CalNRA.com for more information.

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