Epic, nuclear powered facepalm

OK… So do you remember when we first talked about AB 1673? Do you remember that we were mocking the bill by showing a block of 7075-T6 aluminum? Do you remember reading that the Assembly Public Safety Committee held it up? At the time, we thought that this was because it was so mind numbingly stupid. I mean c’mon… who could be so dense as to think that banning blocks of metal makes sense?

As it turns out, we were severely overestimating the intelligence of the average California legislator.

They didn’t hold up AB 1673 because it went too far; they held it up because it didn’t go far enough!

Yes, you read that correctly. So not only would this unserialized block of 7075 be illegal…


But so would this unserialized buffer spring…


As it stands today, any firearm component would require serialization as a fully functional firearm under the proposed law. This includes barrels, retaining pins, springs, guide rods, washers, and fasteners.

If trying think about this is making your head hurt, you’re not alone.



  1. MC Staff said:

    BTW: This post will be updated with a link to the amended bill just as soon as it’s posted on the Legislature’s website. I noticed some forum comments elsewhere asking about the text of the current version. We strive to not be meme-idiots here!

    March 16, 2016

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