A swing and a whiff!

The media are notorious for their coddling of liberal, anti-gun politicians. None receives more delicate care than Hillary Clinton. Her “town hall” meetings are carefully stocked with partisans that will ask only safe questions. At a recent CNN event, one questioner took things a bit further; Don’t just ask an easy question, but ask something that will take Ol’ Hill in a safe direction. This is actually a very smart move on the questioner’s part. Rather than lobbing a standard softball, she set Hillary up with a T-ball stand.

And Hillary whiffed it anyway.

Vashitta Johnson tried her best to stir Hillary away from guns and onto the topic of gang violence. But Ol’ Hill wouldn’t have any of it. She heard the word “shooting” and she was off to the races. Instead of taking the out that was politely offered to her, Hillary could only see the subject as another way to express her hatred of American gun owners. So while she could have said something constructive, she chose to look like an idiot by blaming law abiding gun owners, sellers, and manufacturers for the actions of inner city gangs.

That’s a bit like blaming sewing machine makers for Hilary’s penchant for wearing Mao suits in public.

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