Curing ignorance

Anti-gun zealots are, generally speaking, a very ill informed lot. They are, as one Soviet defector once described the average Party apparatchik back in the day, “militantly ignorant”. They know what they know and they refuse to let any pesky little facts creep into their confident skulls. “Ignorance is strength”. That line was supposed to be a warning; they see it as an admonition.

But there is one belief they hold that is grounded in the truth: The public’s appetite for gun control evaporates when they learn about firearms. When you teach your friends and family about guns and gun safety, you demystify these everyday objects. And once the mystery and fear have been removed, your friends and family are less susceptible to anti-gun propaganda. The Antis know this and fight tooth and nail to keep the ignorant from learning about guns, or even just gun safety. They count on the public’s ignorance to advance their cause.

Thus clips like this one from NRA contributor Colion Noir are the stuff the Antis’ nightmare are made of…

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