Dare to be stupid: Gavin Newsom’s CA gun grab scheme

Dear reader, I sincerely hope that you’re not one of those gun owners who believes that there’s a point where the Antis will stop asking for more gun laws. They never stop. Case in point:

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democrat who is preparing to run for California governor in 2018, is launching a campaign to toughen the state’s gun laws next year.

He will announce a proposed ballot initiative Thursday that would require background checks for ammunition purchases and ban possession of large-capacity magazines.

Newsom’s race for the bottom includes a provision to make possession of firearms by convicted felons illegal. (Um… er… More illegal… illegaler… illegallyer… or something.)

Like the crusty, old Commies running for the Democrat nomination for President, our local liberal whack jobs will compete for the title Most Likely To Violate The U.S. Constitution to win their party’s nod. And like their national would-be standard bearers, they run the risk of veering too far left even for the Left Coast.

And so, to keep things interesting, here’s a bit of advice for Kamala Harris: Tack right.

You can’t get crazier than Newsom on this issue. If you try, the craziest of Bay area crazies will look at you and say “Daaaang…. She crazy!” Get ahead of this now and explain why this ballot initiative would fail Constitutional muster. Say something like “I support the Lt. Governor’s aims; his heart’s in the right place, but, he clearly does not understand the law or the Constitution.” This tactic will make him look loonier than you and make it look like you actually understand the Constitution. (Wink, wink, nudge nudge…)

One of you will be the next Governor. The Republicans will run another moldy turnip like they always do, so the general election is just a formality. You need to treat the primary like it’s the general election. That means getting back to the center and sounding like an adult. Let Newsom fly off the rails to the left while you look gubernatorial.

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