Obama: “It is easier to buy a gun than a book”

While pitching gun control to a bunch of Hollywood money-bags, B. Hussein had this to say about buying guns…

“It is easier to buy a gun than buy a book,”

That claim sounds particularly odd to this Californian. I don’t remember ever waiting 10 days to buy a book. I’ve never had to pass a background check to buy a book. I’ve never had to pass a test to show that I know how to safely handle a book. I’ve never been forced to buy a lock for any of the books I’ve bought. I’m not required to keep my books locked in a safe. I’m allowed to buy more than 1 book in any 30-day period. The books I buy can have more than 10 pages. I don’t need a special latch on my bookshelves that requires a tool to remove the books. I can carry a book in public; even if it’s hidden under my jacket. I’ve never gotten a nastygram from the City Attorney’s office because I bought a book they didn’t like. There isn’t a list of “not unsafe” books that limits which books I’m allowed to buy. There’s no law requiring a technologically impossible feature on new books I buy.

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