Huff-n-puff laments the “Fading” interest in gun control

Over at HuffPo, Damon Bares has a sad feels. (#SadFace) As usually happens, interest in “gun control” on Google spikes and then fades after a media hyped shooting incident. Damon assumes that these spikes are a sudden, yet ephemeral, interest in gun control by the American people. If only they’d stay interested the Antis moan. I don’t think that’s what these spikes are.

Those are gun guys checking the news.

What makes me say that? Because that’s what I was doing every time I added to one of those spikes. I wanted to know how the Antis would try to exploit the latest incident that the MSM decided to cover. (They could do this a lot more often, but that would mean covering more “Red on red” violence in the inner city than their little, liberal hearts could bear. And, minority gang members shot by other minority gang members doesn’t sell gun control very effectively.) We make a few searches, see that it’s the same, tired, old “solutions” that the Antis propose every other week, and quickly move on. We know that their proposals won’t come to anything.

So what does this mean for Damon’s feels? It’s worse that you thought, kiddo! Since it’s the gun guys making the spikes happen, that means that there’s really no nascent interest in gun control in American that just needs a little nurturing. The American people don’t lose interest in gun control; they don’t have any to begin with!


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