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California: Anti-Gun Bills Passed in the Senate Public Safety Committee


California: Anti-Gun Bills Passed in the Senate Public Safety Committee

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Please contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee Today!


On Tuesday, April 26, the Senate Public Safety Committee heard and passed the following two anti-gun bills: Senate Bill 427, that would further restrict ammunition sales and Senate Bill 819, that would allow the Department of Justice to use background check fees for other uses.

Also on Tuesday, the Assembly Public Safety Committee heard and defeated a pro-gun bill: Assembly Bill 613, which would remove the language of AB 962 from California law.


In the Senate Public Safety Committee:


SB 427, introduced by anti-gun extremist state Senator Kevin De León (D-22), would force licensed state ammunition retailers to obtain a special local license to operate in municipalities.  These retailers would also be required to notify local law enforcement before conducting business within their jurisdiction.


SB 819, introduced by F-rated state Senator Mark Leno (D-3), would allow Dealer Record of Sales funds (DROS) to go to the Department of Justice to help pay for the enforcement of California firearm possession laws.  The DROS fund monies were originally collected from every firearm purchaser to pay for the administrative process for background checks.  However, these funds have been raided to help the Department of Justice pay their bills.  As a result, the DROS fund will certainly run out of money.  When it does, what will be their answer to this problem – another increase in the fees for background checks.


Unfortunately, both of these bills passed in the Senate Public Safety by a 5 to 2 vote. To see how the committee voted on SB 427, click here and to see the committee vote on SB 819, click here.  SB 427 and SB 819 will now move to the Senate Appropriations committee.  A hearing has not been set and the NRA will keep you posted on the status of these bills.  In the meantime, please contact members of the Senate Appropriations Committee urging them to OPPOSE SB 427 and SB 819.

These bills will only hurt law-abiding gun owners and do nothing to stop crime. Contact information for the Senate Appropriations Committee can be found here.


In the Assembly Public Safety Committee:


AB 613 was a crucial bill that would have removed all the anti-gun language from AB 962, which was enacted in 2009, in California’s gun statutes.  Unfortunately, the Assembly Public Safety Committee failed to pass this crucial piece of legislation by a 2 to 3 vote (roll call vote). We will get you the roll call vote as soon as it is available.

Funded by the NRA and the California Rifle and Pistol Association, a lawsuit was filed and the Fresno County Superior Court found AB 962 unconstitutional earlier this year.  The Court then issued a permanent injunction, which prevents the state and its agents from enforcing the provisions of AB 962 (Penal Code sections 12060, 12061, and 12318).  Even though the provisions of AB 962 cannot be enforced, this detrimental language needs to be removed from the books.

Please continue to check your e-mail and for updates on legislation moving through the California legislature.

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