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Urgent! Dangerous Amendments May be Proposed in Tomorrow’s Hearing in Oregon


Urgent! Dangerous Amendments May be Proposed in Tomorrow’s Hearing in Oregon

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
It has come to the NRA’s attention that the pro-gun House bills, House Bill 2787, House Bill 2792, and House Bill 2797, slated to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee tomorrow, could be the victim of some very bad anti-gun amendments.  The Senate Judiciary Committee schedule included an alert that an Informational Meeting may be held to discuss topics such as: 1) Guns on public school grounds; 2) Restoration of privileges for persons convicted of felonies; and 3) Access to firearms for persons suffering from mental health issues.  The hearing will take place at 8:30 am in Room 343.

House Bill 2787A Engrossed, sponsored by state Representatives Jeff Barker (D-28) and Kim Thatcher (R-25), would prohibit a public body from releasing personal information that identifies the holder of or applicant for a Concealed Handgun License.

House Bill 2792 A-Engrossed, also sponsored by Representative Kim Thatcher, would provide non-residents who are authorized to carry concealed a handgun in another state with the same protections provided to persons with an Oregon Concealed Handgun License.  This legislation is an important recognition of non-residents’ right to self-defense while visiting Oregon and the realization that out-of-state permit holders should not be considered criminals simply for crossing state lines.

House Bill 2797 A-Engrossed, sponsored by state Representatives Kim Thatcher and Greg Smith (R-57), would describe “readily accessible” for the purpose of prohibition on possessing a readily accessible, concealed handgun within a vehicle, when that vehicle is a snowmobile, motorcycle, or all-terrain vehicle.  A handgun would not be considered “readily accessible” if it is in a locked container within or affixed to the vehicle or if it is equipped with a triggerlock or other locking mechanism that prevents the discharge of the firearm.  This bill would also modify the offense of operating a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle while carrying a firearm or bow to a Class B traffic violation.

It is vital that NRA members not only attend this important Senate Judiciary Committee hearing tomorrow, but contact members of this committee and ask that they oppose any potentially dangerous amendments to these measures. Contact information for this committee is listed below.

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-4), Chairman
(503) 986-1704

Senator Jeff Kruse (R-1), Vice Chairman
(503) 986-1701

Senator Suzanne Bonamici (D-17)
(503) 986-1717

Senator Jackie Dingfelder (D-23)
(503) 986-1723

Senator Doug Whitsett (R-28)
(503) 986-1728

In addition to the above hearing, there has been notice that House Bill 2791, introduced by Representative Kim Thatcher, could be up on the House floor as early as Thursday, April 28 for a vote.  HB 2791 would remove the Department of State Police as the designated state point of contact for the purposes of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  Please contact your Representative and urge him or her to support HB 2791 as this will be a very tight vote. To identify your state Representative, please click here.

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