Alexis Krystina Christmas Gift Tags and Cards Review

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Exquisite gift tags and cards give Christmas gifts a thoughtful touch. According to Emily Post, handwritten thank you notes remain important in our modern society. Even though I can easily send an email explaining my gratitude, giving a card is a convention that I never skip when I truly want to say thank you. In support of a fellow blogger and a craftsperson Alexis Krystina, I reviewed her line of gift tags and cards. All the items had an impressive, exquisite look. I excitedly used them and I was delighted to use cards made by a craftsperson, instead of something outsourced to another country.

Christmas Gift Tags and Cards Review

Included in the package, a Santa card and a snowflake card reminded me of the importance of a handwritten note. Each card looked elegant and homemade, while showing its quality and durability with its craftsmanship. If I were to receive one of the cards from family for the holidays, the cards would surely impress me. As I studied Alexis’ work, the simple gracefulness of each item inspired me. The paper pieces were glued together with care. Because usually I am so clumsy with crafts, I realized the talent and expertise of the craftsperson.

I received several gift tags to review. To hold all of the gift tags together, a piece of nice twine looped through all the items. After cutting the twine with scissors, I examined each gift tag separately. Two of the gift tags had blue and orange ornaments. Two sparkly gift tags that showed gorgeous snowflakes were my daughter’s favorite. For the Thanksgiving holiday, I used one of the snowflake gift tags on a gift bag to thank the host for dinner. While the gift tag made the present look more upscale and thoughtful, the card became the perfect place to write a short thank you note in my best cursive handwriting.

Other gift tags were impressive too. On one of the gift tags, the saying Some People Are Worth Melting For was written in a lovely font. As I wrapped Christmas gifts, I kept in mind a special person who deserved a loving card. Alexis did a good job of including special touches, with jewels and nice ribbon, to make each item special. The All Is Bright gift tag had a stream of miniature ornaments, which made the item attractive and whimsical.

Studying the items, I realized that I could pursue a craft I was passionate about too. Even though making a craft required practice, it was something that I could achieve with time. Creating homemade cards for the holidays would be a great way to spend quality time with my daughter. The items encouraged me to visit craft stores this season, while using my teacher discount. I was inspired to be a more creative person for the holiday season. To learn more, visit Alexis Krystina’s website. 

Disclosure: I received a free product, but it in no way influenced my opinion.

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    Thanks so much!!! You’re too kind! I’m so glad that my cards inspired you! That’s what I live for. ūüôā


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