Before and After

Before and After

The number 1 cause of death for children under the age of 5 in Guatemala is Respiratory Illness caused by using open fires inside the home. Imagine what it must be like to live in a home with no running water, a packed mud floor and an open fire next to where you sleep.

By building specially designed ONIL stoves, Team Helps has been able to help eliminate the resulting respiratory illness and lower death rates.  The stoves also cut down on burn injuries and provide a much safer and healthier home environment.

The stove has a more global advantage as well – it’s better for the health of the environment.  Using the ONIL stove reduces wood consumption by 80%. As a result, families use less wood – helping to slow down the damage done to the environment by deforestation and carbon emissions.

We’ve expanded our work to also pour concrete floors and install simple water filtration systems so that a family will have a major change in their home with basic comforts to survive.

A typical 'Pila' sink

A typical ‘Pila’ sink

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