I am retiring 3 years earlier than planned for my campaign for U.S. senator to replace Dick Durbin. My family and I are leaving a lot on the table. Boys in college, mortgage, car payments, and on a retirement income. Still gladly paying off student loans since I was an older medical student. Glad to pay, because medicine has given me and my family a good life. If you take out a loan, then pay it off! Student loan manufactured “crisis” solved!

A lot of “lasts” recently. Last medical lecture (on advances in kidney cancer to Association of Illinois Cancer Registrar’s), last new patient, last major cancer operation, and now last weekend of emergency call! After 29 years, no more 3 AM calls and crawling out of bed to treat a person with a urological emergency. I thought I would be more emotional about the “lasts” than I am, because I love the work and I’m good at it. But I am energized by the “firsts”such as helping all Illinoisans have affordable high-quality health care without destroying our health care system. I also look forward to supporting our President Donald J. Trump!

With the great 3rd quarter of fundraising, I have paid for polling and for an A-list political team. The polling and the team have a record of success. I will need an even better 4th quarter. If you haven’t yet made a contribution, but believe in my campaign, now is the time to make a donation.

Last night attended Sangamon County Republican Party fundraiser for County Board candidates. Fun event at LRS airport hangar. pic is me with Springfield Tea Party founder Sandy Dragoo, and Morgan County Republican Women President Kem Wilson.

I am going to be the Republican nominee for U.S. Senator in Illinois! Join my team with your talent, treasure, time, and prayers. Thanks to all supporters who have gotten my campaign to this critical point. May God Bless Illinois and the United States of America.