Tween Gift Idea: Completing Kira Bailey's Set

Tween Gift Idea: Completing Kira Bailey’s Set

Tweens can be difficult to select gifts for because of their varied interests. Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, my daughter is sharing her room tour, which shows lots of fun gift ideas!

Although the main focus is on completing the American Girl Kira Bailey set, watching the video can also give you an overall idea of items that tweens genuinely do enjoy. This is her real room and isn’t staged with additional items for this post at all (only cleaned up a bit!). If you want any links directly to specific items, leave me a comment on this blog post, and I can let you know where to find them.

My Tween Daughter’s Room Tour

We cleaned for an entire day to get ready for this! We really hope you enjoy watching. Make sure to head over to the video on The Sammie and Georgie Show to like it, and leave comments here. We always make sure to try to respond.

Completing the Kira Bailey Set

As we worked on this post, American Girl came out with a couple more Kira Bailey items. Seriously, American Girl? Well, we had to celebrate completing the set as much as we could have! If you are looking for the newest of the new items though, make sure to check out Kira’s Wildlife Care Set and Wildlife Care Outfit. Those are the only Kira Bailey items we haven’t collected at this point.

Kira Bailey’s Comfy Platform Tent and the Camping Accessories were a major addition to the American Girl collection. These items inspired an entire re-design of the bedroom. We moved the piano to the living room and set up an awesome doll section in her room.

Upgrading to the Kira Bailey dollhouse meant I could finally move older items to the basement and give the room a nicer look. Since she’s a very sentimental girl, she has held on to many items from her childhood, like Callico Critter sets and a Melissa & Doug dollhouse that has been drawn on over the years. In my childhood, my parents always held on to the dollhouse I owned throughout the years, despite some minor damage. My daughter wants that same experience of having some of her best childhood items saved over the years and one day passed back to her.

Now that she is old enough to really take care of a dollhouse, this is the one I’ll always make sure to save for her. Every detail of it is adorable. When she was younger, I was never sure if she was really ready to take care of the bigger American Girl accessories. Now, she is at the perfect age of being old enough to be gentle with them, she is interested and inspired by the stories behind them, and she is young enough to play with them when she makes her stop motion videos.

Tween Gift Idea: Completing Kira Bailey's Set

Inside the platform tent, there is a tiny sign for the Wild Flowers of Australia and a G’Day sign to greet guests. The koala pillow goes nicely with the colors of the bed set. It also comes with an Aussie animal magazine, which we placed on the fluffy white chair, and wildlife polaroids to go with Kira’s camera.

Another cute part of the platform tent is the sink, mirror, and hygiene accessories. There’s even dry shampoo for days when Kira doesn’t feel like washing her hair.

Outside of the Comfy Platform tent, we placed the Comfy Camping Accessories. With two chairs, a kangaroo pillow, a rug, and a table, there is even more room for all of Kira’s doll friends to come and join her. It also comes with a lamp that really works, toast with sprinkles, lemonade, and fruit.

Now, Kira has a nice organized space for all her animals, outfits, and accessories. Her commute to the Animal Exam Table isn’t far. It’s similar to the way that in the book, Kira lives within a short distance of the animal care center too.

My favorite thing about this collection is that it has really inspired a love of the environment. My daughter chose koalas to research for a school presentation project this year. Sharing research with her classmates helped raise awareness, and it inspired her to continue with her goal of helping to save wildlife.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.