Happy teacher appreciation week to all the incredible educators! One of my favorite parts of the week was getting special roses, chocolate, and even more from my incredible students, and I wanted to make sure to spread that joy with other teachers too. Featured today on Theresa’s Reviews, you can win a Piper Computer! Since I’ve had one in my home for a year, it’s been a neat learning experience for my children, and with well organized Piper STEM Classroom Lesson Plans, you could easily implement this into your curriculum!

Teacher Appreciation Week Piper Computer Giveaway! - Theresa's Reviews

By Educators, for Educators

Piper Computer focuses on helping educators inspire students using project-based learning, inquiry, and design thinking. Their STEAM experts come from diverse backgrounds and have custom-created the Piper Classroom Experience to serve all students and classroom environments.

Teacher Appreciation Week Piper Computer Giveaway! - Theresa's Reviews

Experience of Using Piper in the Classroom

Piper offers educators a unique solution for teaching STEAM with a standards-aligned curriculum and professional development. With the easy-to-use lesson plans, you can engage all types of learners to develop 21st century skills. Use the upgraded Piper Computer Kit to have an effective and seamless experience in the classroom!

Teacher Appreciation Week Piper Computer Giveaway! - Theresa's Reviews

Topics Learned:

Digital Fluency

The Piper experience includes learning in mechanics, electronics, circuitry, and coding so that students develop the 21st century skills they’ll need for the technological future.


Building a Piper Computer Kit requires students to follow visuals and turn 2D images into 3D actions. They must overcome progressive challenges in an experience designed for all learners.

Collaborative Learning

Problem-solving of the future will require students to work with others to design solutions! With Piper, students work together to build, prototype, and test their creative ideas.

Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

Enter to win one Piper Computer! To enter, you must comment on this blog post explaining whose classroom you would give this to, and if it’s your classroom, tell me about it! Then put your entries into the form below.
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Teacher Appreciation Week Piper Computer Giveaway! - Theresa's Reviews

Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion!

7 Responses

  1. Rebecca Sullivan

    My daughter works at a Title 9 school and works with many disadvantaged children. The teachers do not have the supplies they need to encourage these kids. My daughter just did a fund raiser to get books for the children. This would be very exciting for the teachers and kids to have access to a Piper computer.

  2. kathy Persons

    This would go to my daughters classroom She is a 4th grade teacher

  3. Mya Murphy

    I would give this to my son’s 5th grade classroom. They do so much for us..


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