It's Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

It’s Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

As spring arrives, it beckons to our family. Memories of last spring inspire us to head outdoors. Last year when the world shut down, it was as though time stopped. We became more mindful of the world around us. Schools shut down completely, and work was canceled. We hiked for hours past the fence in our backyard, exploring creeks and blossoming trees, and we ventured to the nearby nature park when we wanted a bigger adventure.

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It's Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

Now although the weather is incredible, we have more to accomplish in our schedule. Time has no longer stopped to allow us to enjoy nature’s beauty.

Not to mention, being in a pandemic for a year has brought about many new ways to stay busy. My standard of cleaning has become higher than ever before. Dusting used to be a spring cleaning activity, but now I find myself wiping away dust daily.

Even relaxing hobbies can become a chore when they’re part of the daily routine. Finding enjoyment in a new hobby, like cooking, means that everyone begins to expect more cooking and better cooking more frequently.

It's Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

Sometimes it can be difficult to fit in mindful activities that make it feel as though the world stands still. However, stress is at an all-time high after being cooped up for a year. Homes are feeling smaller than ever before.

Our schedule can become a source of stress too. The other week when our school district switched to full-time online live classes, I let my daughter take a day off from school. We hiked, and we enjoyed a nice meal together. Relaxing outside, she got the sunlight she needed, and she enjoyed reading a novel without the stress of turning in an assignment about it.

Did I feel guilty about it? Absolutely! When our family isn’t moving forward, it can feel as though we are moving backwards.

Losing track of time with athletic endeavors or creative pursuits helps us lead a balanced life. We feel re-energized, focused, and happier.

To help us find time in our schedule to do mindful activities, I have found that having a watch is helpful. Armitron offers a nice selection of watches that are stylish and athletic to fit with any outfit or activity.

It's Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

Wearing a watch allows us to put our phones and devices away. When we become consumed in an activity that we enjoy, checking the time on a device takes away from the experience. It becomes tempting to scroll through emails, check social media, and respond to text messages. Putting devices down allows us to make good use of our mindful moments.

The style I chose is the Glory 24 in Silver. Encrusted with genuine crystals, it is fashionable and affordable. I like that the watch fits with my personality and works for different occasions.

It's Time for Spring Style with Armitron Watches

The new Armitron NEXT collection for younger watch wearers offers a variety of fun and colorful styles. For my children, I picked out one style that was more athletic and one that was nicer.

Inspired by 90’s fashion, the Hook & Loop style is digital, which makes it simple to get to class on time.

Showing spunk and spirit, the Attitude style is an analogue watch. I selected the Pink Hearts and Striped Rainbow styles. They look nice with classic school outfits, and they give my children practice reading the time.

With these new watches sprucing up our springtime style, we can have more meaningful family moments. Losing track of time looks good on us this spring.

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