‘Pups Alone’ Jerry O’Connell Interview & Kids’ Review

My kids and I had the wonderful opportunity to interview voice actor Jerry O’Connell on his recent work as Charlie the dog in ‘Pups Alone. Check out our interview along with the review written by Samantha!

‘Pups Alone’ is the perfect movie to watch as a family! It starts out with an adorable scrapbook flipping through its pages, showing what happens before the start of the movie, which focuses on the death of Jenna’s mother. When the movie starts, it shows how the father is extremely focused on his new pet product, which is a device that translates dog communication into English. This shows how the dad is so focused on his project, that he forgets about caring for himself or his daughter, Jenna (Isadora Swann). Later in the movie, there is a company ski trip, but it only shows the featured characters actually at the trip, which leaves it unclear if only selected individuals were invited. Jenna’s dog, Charlie, was left at home under the care of the neighborhood dog sitter. Similar to the original ‘Home Alone’, Victor (Dolph Lundgren) hires two thieves to break into Jenna’s house to steal the dog translator. Using many failed inventions made by the dad, the dogs try to ruin Victor’s plan.

  I really enjoyed the happy, bubbly voice acting by Jennifer Love Hewitt who plays Gidget,  the deep character voice of Danny Trejo who plays Vinnie P., and the warm voice of Jerry O’Connell who plays Charlie. I also enjoyed the storyline based on  ‘Home Alone’. However, I do feel like the actors were overdramatic.  In the scene where Jenna and her dad move to their new house, her dad falls over while holding a box of paper to show how weak he is. I don’t think that that scene was needed, because his weakness has been shown throughout the movie.

I loved the dog training, especially since the directors would have had to record the same scene multiple times because of mistakes most likely made by the dogs while filming. I also think that the choice of dogs for each character was good because the look of the dog reflects the personality. This is shown when you see how they used a bulldog to show the strength of Vinnie P., which is Victor’s dog. Vinnie P. is soft on the inside, even if his caring personality is hard to get to after Victor’s wife left him because of yet another evil scheme created by Victor. As for Gidget and Charlie, the filmmakers chose dogs that look energetic and determined.

I think that one theme is good overcomes evil because in one of the last scenes, where Victor’s plan to steal the dog translator is foiled. Another theme used in the story is that family saves the day, because of when Grandpa Peter calls 9-1-1 and gets Victor and his hired criminals put in jail for breaking into their house and trying to steal the invention. Overall, I think that ‘Pups Alone’ is a fun spin off the original ‘Home Alone’, and is an entertaining movie to watch with young children, and a perfect movie to watch as a family!