New Enjoying Family Life Website

New Enjoying Family Life Website!

Almost nine years ago, I created Theresa’s Reviews as a place to share my story of raising two daughters under age four. From car seat to jogging stroller reviews, I covered all the fun products moms consider buying! I even shared movie reviews from the red carpet. When the pandemic started, my blog (and my life) took a new direction. Today, I have an exciting announcement as I go into a new territory of raising two tween girls! Now introducing… Enjoying Family Life!

Enjoying Family Life

Enjoying Family Life is a modern homemaking website about raising daughters. That’s right, homemaking. The dreaded chores I used to catch up on over weekends when I used to teach, well, they’ve now become something I enjoy and that I even see as an art form that brings joy to my family. I’m not the kind of homemaker who farms, hand makes everything, and raises her children screen-free, but I do believe in the impact that a comfortable home has on a family!

Speaking of not being screen-free, my family still loves entertainment, and we plan to share plenty of fun movie party ideas!

Although I’ll be writing about raising daughters as I have in the past, I’m not planning on sharing endless sponsored photos with us smiling next to some product that a company wants to sell, sell, sell. Instead, I’m returning to the reason I started blogging in the first place, because I love writing. It’s something I can’t imagine not doing. If a moment inspires us to snap a nice photo, I might share it, if it inspires me to write.

I might even occasionally pop in and check on my old Theresa’s Reviews articles to see how they’re doing and read comments, or even share a product review if opportunities arise! However, for the most part, I’ll be sharing new blog posts to Enjoying Family Life. I hope you can follow along there too!

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Several of my favorite recipes will be shared there too! Make sure to read how to make Lucky Charms Peanut Butter Snack Bars, Berries & Cream Heart-Shaped Watermelon Pizza, and Cupid’s Fruit Kabob Skewers.

You can also check out Pickett Films, where you can learn about the movies our family has been making as they hit the festival circuit. Visit Classes to learn about my latest virtual class offerings.

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