5 Must-Haves for the 4th of July 2021

5 Must-Haves for the 4th of July 2021

Are you looking for must-have items to make this year’s Fourth of July celebration fantastic? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, I am sharing our family’s must-haves for the occasion. Whether you are looking for food, decor, or beauty ideas, you can find them here.

Grilling up a special meal for the Fourth of July

5 Must-Haves for the Fourth of July 2021

Each Fourth of July, we have a small get together with our family and my daughters’ grandmother. My daughters participate in a special dessert competition. We all vote on whose is the best based on taste and presentation. This year, the holiday is extra special because it is our puppy’s first birthday! Here are some ways we will celebrate.

Grilling Out

Our family is all about grilling up a special meal for the Fourth of July! If you want to up your hot dog game this year, buy a Sausage Sampler from Bear Creek Smokehouse. Their Red Hot links are a festive bright red color, and they taste incredible!

Although most of the sausages in the sampler work best on the grill, the Smoked Sausages make an incredible breakfast dish using the stove top and oven. I made a simple and flavorful sausage, rice, and peppers casserole that would be easy to make in the morning as you’re preparing for having guests over later in the day. You can read the recipe and see photos here.

Stars and Stripes Charcuterie Spread

While my husband is outside manning the grill, I’ll be in the kitchen getting creative with a flag-inspired Stars and Stripes Charcuterie Spread. This charcuterie set from Bear Creek Smokehouse comes with the most delectable selection of crackers, sausage, and cheese.

It comes with two varieties of cheese. My favorite was an espresso variety that was softer and very flavorful. There were also two varieties of sausage. One was a more plain-tasting, classic style of sausage and the other was a spicier pork tenderloin.

To make this platter, simply add in some blueberries, and use a star-shaped cookie cutter with the cheese. It’s festive and delicious!

Stars and Stripes Charcuterie Spread

For a healthy chip option, you could also use Terra real vegetable chips. They are made with beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnip, and more.

For a healthy chip option, you could also use Terra real vegetable chips.

Items to Cool off With

For a seasonal spin on a beverage, make a pitcher of Celestial Seasonings Cold Brew Red, White, and Blueberry. It’s easy to make and requires no planning in advance! Simply add ice and cold water to your pitcher. Place 1-2 tea bags inside the pitcher for every 8 oz. Stir well, remove the tea bags after a few minutes, and refrigerate until you are ready to serve. I added in stevia for a sweet taste that’s perfect to enjoy on a summer day.

Celestial Seasonings Cold Brew Red, White, and Blueberry

Another delicious cool treat is a frozen honey-flavored Greek Gods Yogurt blueberry bar topped with white chocolate chips. This yogurt is naturally sweet with no tangy, sour aftertaste. You don’t even have to add additional sweeteners! It’s almost like having ice cream but with a lighter taste that works perfectly for a summertime party.

Frozen honey-flavored Greek Gods Yogurt blueberry bar topped with white chocolate chips

Festive Red, White, and Blue Home Decor

Style your house for the biggest block party ever or bring joy to your casual get together with the Riles and Bash Red, White, and Blue Balloon Garland Kit. My daughters’ faces light up when they see fun decorations like this, even when it’s just for our family. We used a similar balloon garland kit from the same company for our unicorn-inspired birthday party. It was simple to put together because the balloons are designed to be tied together, and it comes with a balloon pump. Walking through a pretty arrangement of balloons at the entrance of the party created excitement right away.

One thing I like about the Fourth of July balloon garland kit is that there are so many different ways to use it. You can create a garland entrance for guests to walk through similar to ours from the unicorn-inspired birthday party but with festive colors. You could also create a flag-shaped backdrop or design a beautiful entrance-way display. Whichever style you choose, it will tell your guests or the whole neighborhood that the Independence Day party has begun.

Red, White, and Blue Balloon Garland Flag

DIY Blue Nail Polish Kits

Whether you are looking for a mother and daughter beauty activity or something to do with friends, I have a creative idea that’s great fun for all ages. Design your own signature nail polish with Taylor Made Polish. These Make Your Own Polish Kits come with everything you need to design the exact shade of nail polish you prefer. It even comes with ingredient cards so you can keep track of how to make the same creation again.

Make Your Own Polish Kits

With eco-friendly ingredients, the nail polish kits are also vegan, free of harmful ingredients, and cruelty-free. It matters to me that as I introduce beauty supplies to my daughters, they learn to make wise choices and do the research before using new items.

Creative souls and artists, you don’t have to commit to only one shade. Each kit comes with everything needed to make three different bottles. This makes it a fun activity to do with others too. You can adjust the colors and even give it an original name using the label.

Mother and Daughter DIY Nail Polish

My daughters and I created a variety of nail polish shades with the Blue kit. Pouring, mixing, and testing the colors was meditative and calming. This cure for boredom allowed them to be artistic in a practical way since they could wear their creation. Plus as entrepreneurs themselves (my daughter has a new Etsy shop), they thought it was neat to support a small, woman-owned business.

We had fun being girly together with a spa-inspired afternoon at home. Our final creations had more green hues than a traditional bright blue for the Fourth of July. The colors made us feel as though we were at the seaside this summer! Check out how unique each nail polish shade is.

Our signature nail polish creations

My daughter named her nail polish Oasis. It really was like being at a calming oasis to do this activity together!

This Fourth of July, we plan to celebrate with the most delicious food, fun activities, and festive decorations. I hope you enjoyed my suggestions as much as I enjoyed researching them and trying them all out for this article.

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