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Mission Statement

Vote Protectors!

Is a grassroots organization devoted to maintaining the integrity of our electoral process. We do so by performing exit polls, public surveys and identifying election fraud. Honest elections make for honest politicians and this improves life for all of us.

Andy Wallace

Political Activist for Justice in Polling, Vote Protectors

Posting Policies

When posting, please be aware of several guideline principles.  In order to act non-partisan, we have to appear non-partisan and in doing so being non-partisan.  This means we cannot make posts that promote one candidate or another. Although at times this is not always completely possible due to facts, try your best!
Additionally, there’s been some individuals within the community focused on promoting other similar initiatives that wont be named in this policy outline.  Although it is great that there are other organizations trying to help with voter fraud, please do not try to impede or pull people away from our efforts.   There’s lots of american’s out there to find to bring to our cause, so we don’t need to pull from our own stock. Simply put, stay focused on the mission statement.  Our end goal is to form a network of Exit Pollers and collect exit polls.