Turning Leaf Community Support Services Inc. 10th Anniversary Gala October 1, 2015 IMG_1402 Barkley Engel (CEO of Turning Leaf )IMG_1397 IMG_1385 IMG_1374 IMG_1366

HSC Home Lottery live on location September 29,2015         IMG_1212  IMG_1310 Carol Dynkavitch (Marketing Coordinator at HSC Winnipeg)IMG_1293 Murray “Muzz” PatersonIMG_1261 IMG_1248 IMG_1232 Dancing Gabe joined us for our podcast on September 2, 2015DSC_3056

Tom and Dancing Gabe Langlois

DSC_3058 Dancing Gabe Langlois and Larry

DSC_3071 Tom, Dancing Gabe, Daniel Perron (author) of Dancing Gabe-One Step At A TimeDSC_3075

Tom, Dancing Gabe, Larry, Mike Langlois (Gabe’s brother)


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