Valera Creator 95 Professional Collapsible Green Screen + Valera Background Gallery Bundle

Inspiring Creativity Using the Valera Creator Green Screen with Floor Mount Kit & GIVEAWAY!

Last week in my American Girl Writing & Acting virtual summer camp when my students said their goodbyes, several shared that my camp was the highlight of their week — the thing that they looked forward to each day.

It made me realize how meaningful of an experience it has been to create a virtual community for children to learn filmmaking with their dolls. Giving students a way to imagine themselves into a new town, state, country, planet or fantasy world has been possible with a vivid imagination and good technology.

Today on Enjoying Family Life, I am featuring the new Valera Creator Green Screen with Floor Mount Kit, which has helped create new locations in the doll movies. Plus, I am giving you the chance to win one in a GIVEAWAY at the end of this post!Inspiring Creativity Using the Valera Creator Green Screen with Floor Mount Kit

Inspiring Creativity Using the Valera Creator Green Screen with Floor Mount Kit

Teaching filmmaking inspires me to explore my own creativity. I am always searching for effective filmmaking equipment that can create a more visually stunning shot.

Technology that I recommend needs to be simple for children to use, and it should help create footage free of any imperfections that distract from the storyline.

In the past year, I have tried out new lighting gear, various editing programs, a new camera, and multiple green screens. It isn’t until an item is in my home being tested out that I can see if it would work for the doll moviemaking that my students do.

Finally, I found a green screen that I would recommend for my class! Having tried out the Valera Creator Green Screen with Floor Mount Kit myself, I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for.

Why Green Screens?

Green screens give storylines unlimited possibilities. When characters can be anywhere, the storyline can catch the audience’s attention, which can help them grasp the underlying theme.

Filmmakers aim to entertain, but also to teach and inspire. Being able to create a movie without limitations helps filmmakers reach those goals. Whether traveling to Paris or a fantasy world, dreams have no boundaries. Characters can break barriers and achieve unimaginable goals.

The Best Green Screen for Moviemaking with 18″ Dolls

Since green screens are a valuable tool to have in doll moviemaking, I have researched several different kinds. Some stood on large stands that took up too much space in our home. Some that were made for stop motion were the perfect dimensions for smaller projects with action figures.

However, these dolls are 18″, larger than action figures, and they need more coverage with the green screen.

For a while I used a workaround solution with my favorite, space-saving Valera Professional Collapsible Green Screen, which I wrote about here, along with a large cloth green screen that I tossed across the bottom to cover all areas while filming the dolls from a low angle.

In a much-improved solution to my problem, Valera announced in June 2021 a brand new collapsible green screen that offers head-to-toe coverage, the Valera Creator 95 inch Portable, Green Screen with the Floor Mount Kit.

I already liked that the collapsible style of the green backdrop saves space and is wrinkle free, and now I can get that same quality on the ground with the attached floor mount kit!

You can see how it works in the below instructional video that also shares a Dogzilla stop motion made by my daughter. Make sure to leave us a comment if you do watch. We read and try to respond to them all! Also watching and commenting counts as a giveaway entry to win one green screen for yourself! Make sure to get credit for your entry by reading this post through to the end.

Valera Creator Green Screen Giveaway

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The winner of this giveaway is Sofia W.

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Finally, I found the best green screen that allows my children and me to be the creators that we aspire to be!

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.