Happy Halloween {Personal}

Happy Halloween and wow did October fly bye! I cannot believe tomorrow is already November 1st. We also have a cold front hitting Florida so it will be a high of 60 tomorrow (gasp) … Tyler is of course looking forward to it and I am trying to find every sweater I own to make sure I can have enough layers to walk outside this weekend.

Halloween is also Bear’s Birthday! I can’t believe he is already 6! My parents fostered him from an Australian Shepard rescue league back in Fall of 2009 when he had just turned 1. He had already been to 4-5 homes in just his first year. He had so much energy that people didn’t how to get him to calm down. And 5 years later I still haven’t figured it out myself. It only took a few days for my parents to decide to adopt him and he fit right in with the other pack of Aussies. He’s been mine since the summer of 2010 and when our other two had passed away it was really just him and me for a while. Thankfully last year I met Tyler and Bear met Boomer, and we both instantly had new best friends. These two are inseparable now and Tyler and I feel incredibly lucky to have two awesome dogs … no matter how crazy they get.:)Happy Birthday Bear Bear!!


Another cool thing I’ve started personally this week is a new journey with Essential Oils. I had heard my friends talking about them for a few years now but really didn’t fully understand the health benefits they can have. A few weekends ago down in Jupiter my friend Tamlyn and I started talking and she showed me some oils that could help those ailments. I got my package of oils this week and could not be happier. I feel a bit more energy and I really love diffusing them. They also work wonders on our crazy dogs (yes they are totally safe for animals too). Last night we put some “peace and calming” on Boomer and she fell asleep so hard I don’t think anything could have woken her up. I’ve also been doing research on my Thyroid problem which has bothered me for most of my life. After research and chatting with my friends I’ve decided to try this homeopathic alternative. Oils and a new way of living, which includes a new way of eating … gluten free and some paleo diet mixed in. Reading about both last night were terribly frustrating since I am not a vegetable person or a fish person and those seem to be a lot of the healthy and vitamin rich foods. Thankfully Pinterest is a great source for recipes and other people’s blogs of documenting their lifestyle changes. I’m also extremely grateful to have a supportive and loving fiance who is up for this too. November will be a challenging month but I’m looking forward to feeling better and more energetic in the process.

I hope everyone has an awesome Halloween & weekend. I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with Tyler and our friends at a super fun Harvest Festival and enjoying a relaxing weekend before three crazy wedding weekends down South:)

xo, Melissa

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