Fun Facts about 'Country Comfort' with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

Fun Facts about ‘Country Comfort’ with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

Living far from my childhood home of Nashville during these times can be difficult, but watching ‘Country Comfort’ truly brought some comfort to my own life by reminding me of my family there. Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, I’m sharing fun facts about ‘Country Comfort’ from my interview with showrunner Caryn Lucas.

She is known as a television producer on several shows, including ‘The Nanny,’ and she is the screenwriter of ‘Miss Congeniality.’ Often her protagonist is a flawed female lead who finds her strength with family there to help.

In ‘Country Comfort,’ the storyline also involves music, which my daughters adored because they write and sing music. Since Samantha has even performed an original song on stage in Nashville, she really enjoyed watching this television show.

You can check out the interview to hear all the fun facts behind the making of the television show. If you do, please make sure make sure to leave a comment. Samantha and I always make sure to check these and respond!

Here are a few of the main interesting facts from our interview.


While creating ‘Country Comfort,’ Caryn Lucas knew it would be a family show with music. The concept of the show was a country-style ‘Sound of Music.’ As she created the characters, she developed the idea of a musical family. To create a problem, she added in the mom character who sang with the children, but who unfortunately passed away.

In one scene where the family animal brings the characters all together, she was inspired by a horse scene that she had watched.

Musical inspirations for the show included Johnny Cash and Tammy Wynette.

Fun Facts about 'Country Comfort' with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

On screenwriting

LeAnn Rimes mentioned on her Twitter that this show brought her to tears, and by the last episode as my daughter spotted a tear rolling down my cheek too, I could tell what she meant!

I asked about how the emotional arc was developed. Caryn explained that she had planned ahead all along that the children would help save Bailey.

Songwriting was involved in creating the television show. It was important to make sure that each part of the lyrics would work with the storyline.

In an average day on set while shooting, the writing team was constantly revising. Even as actors performed, the writers would be thinking of ways to tweak the writing to make it tell the story the way they wanted it told.

Fun Facts about 'Country Comfort' with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

Working with Young Talent

This show involved working with a young cast of actors, many who were new to doing sitcoms. Caryn mentioned that she was so impressed with all of them and their talent, how kind and good they all are, and that they were hard workers who were incredibly supportive towards one another.

Research on Nashville

Although Caryn has traveled throughout Nashville, she had many people involved on set to make the writing authentic to the south. Writer Julia Fowler, the creator of Southern Women Channel, is from South Carolina, and she helped with the feelings of the people and families of the South. The music producer of the show Tim Lauer lives in Nashville. Some people from the South were on the staff and crew as well.

Timeline of the Show

Creating a television show can take quite some time. It was years between pitching, casting, and getting a studio. Then came the COVID interruptions when they were not able to shoot for 5 to 6 months. They also had to adjust from having a live audience to not having one.

Fun Facts about 'Country Comfort' with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

Possibility for Season 2

While writing, Caryn left the ending so that it could go in different ways.

They are currently hoping to hear back about whether there will be a Season 2. The more viewers, the more of a chance, so you should tune in to Netflix to catch it soon! Since each episode is only 20 minutes, they are very easy to binge watch.

Fun Facts about 'Country Comfort' with Showrunner Caryn Lucas

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