Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Enjoying Family Life Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

If you are looking for Mother’s Day gifts to order online now, you are in the right place! Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, I am sharing my top gift selections. These are all items that I have personally tried out, enjoyed, and would recommend.

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Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - DreameTech Robotic VacuumDreameTech Robotic Vacuum

Make a mother’s life easier with the DreameTech D9 Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner. With advanced Lidar Navigation, this item learns the map of your home to clean it for you.

Since everyone is at home all the time, including our puppy, there are always messes to clean. Our new vacuum helped me prioritize doing the things that matter the most. I would rather be coming up with ideas for enjoyable, exciting homeschooling lessons or showing my tween how to master a complicated task than cleaning all day. Even with the vacuuming and mopping taken care of, there is always more to do, but one less thing to do is a big improvement.

Having used this item for a while, I have found that it is very effective. Usually if it needs to deep clean lots of dirt, I run the vacuuming function two or three times. Then, I run the mopping function. Cleaning it out afterwards is simple.

During our time at home, my role as a caretaker has become more significant. Being able to give one task away is a relief because it frees up time to focus on myself too. I can keep an eye on the vacuum while I exercise, read, or watch my favorite television show.

Floral Robe

Giving a robe is a thoughtful gesture that reminds Mom to relax. In the photo above, I wore the Embroidered Floral Satin Robe by Groovy Girl Gifts. I liked how lightweight it was, and I thought that the floral pattern looked nice for the spring season.

National Geographic Books

Give the gift of relaxing with a good book! National Geographic has several new titles that can inspire and motivate mothers.

When I read 100 Drives, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to Do, What to See, I realized how many places I can see and experience as things open up again. Many of the locations are near me. It was also interesting to see places that are further away in beautiful pictures. Since my family misses the road trips we used to take for press trips, this book reminded me that family road trips can be a memorable way to see the country once again in the future.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Recently, we set up our garden, which I shared the details of in a separate post. Reading Attainable Sustainable: The Lost Art of Self-Reliant Living helped inspire my daughter and I to make a garden that will serve a useful purpose with herbs and vegetables. The book also has numerous ideas for hobbies, like canning, making handmade soap, and more.

Another interesting book is Women: The National Geographic Image Collection. It is a nice, large hardcover book. Inside, it shares photographs that span across decades and across different countries to share various images of beauty.

My favorite book National Geographic sent is Frances Mayes Always Italy. Although I was lucky to travel to Italy to study in Florence when I was younger, I have not been back as an adult. This book inspires me to return. It includes everything I would need to know to plan the trip.

Everyone has heard of the major destinations, like Florence and Rome. This book goes into detail about the lesser known, more secluded areas that are picturesque and quiet. It also gives helpful recommendations for dining and shopping.

Talia di Napoli Pizza

While planning my dream trip to Italy, I like to toss in a delicious, frozen Talia di Napoli pizza. It is made in Naples, Italy, with all fresh, Italian ingredients.  My mother, whose parents were from Sicily, likes this pizza too. She tried adding toppings, and then she realized how good it is on its own and won’t have it any other way.

I have been considering buying a pizza oven, but pulling off a pizza this good with homemade dough would really be a challenge to learn to do this well. It would also be much more time consuming. I like how these pizzas have the perfect mixture of convenience and a fantastic flavor. It is not necessary to sacrifice one for the other.

Recently, two pizzas that I enjoyed were the heart-shaped Margherita and the Tartufina. Now you can also get them together in a convenient Mother’s Day 8-pack!

Pup-a-Lot Sweater

This year, I finally became a dog mom! Mother’s Day is a nice time to celebrate the milestone with a photo shoot.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Our Yorkshire Terrier Coco is the sweetest girl. This Aran Sweater from Pup-A-Lot highlights how much of a princess she is. One nice feature is that it has hearts running up-and-down it, which you can see in my photo if you look closely under her jaw. Since she’s only 3 1/2 pounds, this sweater works really well for her size right now.

BooDog Matching Hoodies

For a more athletic and relaxed look, check out the adorable matching set of Boo Dog Lifestyles Dog Loyal and Human Loyal hoodies. These cozy, soft hoodies are perfect for a mom-and-me photo shoot.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

The dog hoodie had soft, muted colors and words that say Human Loyal in a nice cursive font. This fit Coco really well, and it had some space in case she is bigger when the weather gets cold again in the fall.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

My matching Dog Loyal hoodie comes in navy with the same cursive font in white. It is incredibly soft and comfortable, which makes me feel good about Coco wearing the same thing. Also after putting it through the washer and dryer, it held up well and didn’t shrink or fade.

Dog Mom Lifestyles

Each month, you can enjoy opening a new box of treats to share with your pup with the Dog Mom Lifestyles Subscription Box. This delightful box of goodies is a nice surprise because of the variety of items inside. My puppy was happy with the quacking tone of the squeak inside the duck toy. You can check out her reaction here. She went crazy over it!

The flower collar accessory is pretty, and the I Just Want To Be A Stay At Home Dog Mom has a sweet message that I completely relate to. There was also an adorable puppy treat, some pretty flower cookies!

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 Although at first I could only see doggie items on the top of the box, I was delighted to see the self-care treats that were included for me when I opened it all up. There was a Black and Currant Rose hand wash + body gel, a rose-scented bath bomb, and hand masks.

Chirpwood Painting Kits

Some gifts provide an experience to make Mother’s Day special. Since we aren’t ready to go into a painting class at our local art program, it’s fun to bring a painting experience into our home. With Chirpwood Shadows Multi-Canvas Art Kit: Beaches, there were enough canvases for each of us to do a couple of paintings together.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

We enjoyed sitting together to mix paint, study the shadows, and share our final creation with each other. The largest canvas came with a nice wooden frame. I hung the rest of them on my daughter’s fairy lights in her room with her Instax photos. They are an inspirational reminder of the beach trip we will take when we are more comfortable with traveling.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 Nuwave AirFryer

New kitchen gadgets can be fun to receive as gifts. Even better, help Mom figure out how to use it with her, or make her a special meal while she relaxes. Since AirFryers have been a popular, trendy cooking product lately, we tried out the Nuwave 6 QT AirFryer.

Although at first it seemed overwhelming to figure out a new gadget, our family worked together for a couple of meals to make sure we were using it correctly. After trying out my first meal or two, I am a now a huge fan of using the Air Fryer. It incredibly simple to let dinner cook itself with low prep time involved. Everything turns out delicious and crispy.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Zulay Citrus Juicer

Another kitchen gadget that can be fun for mothers and children to do together is the Zulay Citrus Juicer. Previously, we tried squeezing orange juice by hand, but it was not very effective. This juicer squeezes out every bit of citrus juice inside the oranges. This has become a nice routine in the mornings to make our breakfast time at home feel more special.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Zulay Citrus JuicerNest Designs Pajamas

Give the gift of comfort with a new set of pajamas! Although from the photos online I wasn’t sure if the long sleeve design of the Nest Designs Women’s Bamboo Jersey Button-up PJ Set in Spring Harvest would be a bit warm for spring, the soft, lightweight bamboo and cotton mixture makes them perfect for the back-and-forth cold-and-warm weather we are having lately. With rayon being the main material, it is recommended to hang the pajamas to dry, but I have dried them for a short time on delicate, and they didn’t shrink. Although these are designed for nursing mothers in mind, they have a fantastic fit even if you are not in that stage of your life anymore.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Nest Designs PajamasAnother lightweight pajama set is the Nest Designs Women’s Basics. I tried out the bamboo cotton blend capri pants with a matching tank top and tee shirt in the Mist color. They are incredibly comfortable. With three different pieces, it is also a very versatile set. It is nice to be able to layer and wear them together, or wear them with different items too.

Enjoying Family Life Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021 - Nest Design Pajamas

On Mother’s Day, it is wonderful to be treated to a gift because the gesture is meaningful. You could give the gift of comfort, the idea of travel and adventure, or an activity to do together. Whichever gift you choose, the intention behind the item will be appreciated.

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