Enjoying Family Life Father's Day Gift Guide 2021

Enjoying Family Life Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Are you looking for thoughtful gifts you can order online for Father’s Day? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today in the annual Enjoying Family Life Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021, I am sharing the best gift ideas. Find an item that will make his heart smile.

Enjoying Family Life Father's Day Gift Guide 2021Gifts for the Adventurer or Nature Lover

Whether you are heading out on a camping trip together or keeping cool in the back yard, the RTIC 65 QT Hard Cooler is a great large cooler to have. Since it provides 10 days of keeping ice cold, it’s perfect for long, outdoor trips. With this item, our family feels prepared for any adventure that comes our way.

Another gift for dads who enjoy nature would be gardening items. If you need to ship your gift, the Gardenuity Giftable Dad’s Garden is arranged nicely as a present. In the kit, specific plants are selected to fit with the recipient’s weather and location. My husband found it neat that we received a Stevia plant since he uses store-bought Stevia in his coffee, and he didn’t realize you can grow it in your garden.

Gardenuity Giftable Dad's Garden

Another interesting feature is that the black tote bag is actually for growing the plants inside it. The kit comes with soil that you can place inside the tote bag to create space to plant. You also get the supplies to give the plants additional nutrients. Growing the plants in the tote bag is perfect for urban gardening or gardening earlier in the season when you need to take the plants indoors when it is cool outside.

Choose a gift that reminds Dad of his favorite traveling adventure. When I saw the adorable little gnomes on the Trenkle Quartz Cuckoo Clock, I immediately thought of my husband. Since he grew up in Germany, which is where the first garden gnomes were produced, he has always really liked gnomes. The clock itself was even made in Germany.

Trenkle Quartz Cuckoo Clock

When we went to Walt Disney World’s Epcot a few years ago, he found a gnome he wanted to buy for our children there, but Epcot closed before we were able to buy them. This made the clock a perfect reminder of two special adventures. It’s also kind of a promise that we’ll keep adventuring and seeing new places together. Cuckooclocks.com has over 1500 cuckoo clocks to choose from to find one perfect for the dad’s in your life.

You can also give travel cups for Dad to take on whatever adventure he has in mind. The Mandalorian Blender Cup works for hikes, long days at Disney World, and more. It even comes with a blender ball, which makes it ideal to use after workouts. If you want a fun way to present this gift, you can check out my Galaxy Lollipop Recipe.

The Mandalorian Blender Cup

Gifts for Guy’s Night

Make game time with the guys a special experience. Make Father’s Day memorable by buying an upgraded sound system or larger television. Make sure to add in the game channel to your cable package if you don’t already get it.

Another items that makes relaxing with the guys more convenient is the Kingsbottle Mini Bar Fridge, which I wrote a post about here. Ever since our family added this in our entertainment room, spending time there has been more appealing.

Kingsbottle Mini Bar Fridge

Another idea is to buy sports-inspired wall art from Art of Words. When my husband saw his new artwork of the M&T Bank Stadium handwritten with every Raven in history, he was amazed. It can be hard to pick out gifts that impress him, but this was a touchdown of a gift.

Art of Words M&T Bank Stadium handwritten with every Raven in history

I selected a nice frame, which coordinated well in his gym space. The artwork, which is handwritten with the names of all 669 Ravens players in history, came with an overview of the top achievements of the team. Names are written in chronological order from their first year on the roster. Made with such attention to detail, this thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to dedicate a space in the home for a football-loving dad to enjoy watching the game.

You could also give a personalized Decanter. Customizing crystal classes with an engraving shows that you put time and effort into the gift.

Personalized Decanter

Gifts for Foodies

Treat Dad to a special, memorable meal. On the other hand, you could break all the rules and skip straight to dessert. That’s where Cotton Blue Cheesecake Company comes in handy. These handcrafted cheesecakes come with plenty to share in an all-day feast of celebration for Dad.

Cotton Blue Cheesecake Company

I ordered two different varieties, the Strawberry and Blueberry, through Goldbelly. From the soft cheesecake to the sweet crust, it was delectable. These are the perfect indulgence for weekends and holidays. Usually, we thaw two slices for the kids and us to share on special Friday nights. Since it will last up to 14 months frozen, having a go-to dessert on hand at all times is helpful.

Cotton Blue Cheesecake Company

Another gift idea for the foodie dad is a gift bottle from Branon Family Maple Orchards. The Maple Leaf Bottles have a festive look that says, “I can’t wait to go on a romantic road trip to Vermont to see the fall leaves changing colors.”

Branon Family Maple Orchards Maple Leaf Bottles

One recipe I tried out with this Vermont-certified organic, US Grade A, Amber Rich maple syrup was homemade oatmeal energy balls, which are a delicious snack for a family hike. The recipe was very simple. Mix together oatmeal, peanut butter, chocolate chips, and maple syrup until the consistency is firm yet soft enough to shape into balls. Let them sit in the refrigerator for 20 minutes. Serve and enjoy, or pack them in a container, and take them on-the-go!

Branon Family Maple Orchards Gallon SizeYou can buy the maple syrup in various sizes, including the largest, which is shown here in a gallon size. It comes in a BPA free plastic jug.

Now that you have all the syrup you need, you can make Father’s Day breakfast a special experience with the kids using the Whiskware Pancake Art Kit. Use the provided stencils to design dinosaur-shaped pancakes and people-shaped pancakes, or design your own creation using the easy-to-pour containers.

Whiskware Pancake Art Kit

The kit comes with everything you need to have a smoothly-mixed pancake batter that is easy to pour in adorable shapes. With batter mixer balls and easily dispensing bottles, having a pancake art-making competition would be an easy and fun bonding experience for fathers and children to do together.

Whiskware Pancake Art Kit

For lunch, grill out, or air fry wings like I did recently. Cover your wings with delicious Maple Buffalo Sauce. The mixture of sweet maple and a kick of spice with the buffalo spice is incredible. I’m completely hooked on this now. Even my kids approved of it!

Branon Family Maple Orchards Maple Buffalo Sauce

Gifts for Stylish Guys

Before they were dads, stylish guys bought themselves the latest sunglasses. However, fatherhood brings more responsibilities, which can make buying new sunglasses more difficult. When the lenses get scratched, you can gift them brand new lenses using Fuse Lenses.

Fuse Lenses

I tried this service out with a pair of Ray Bans. They had sentimental value to me since they were one of the first bigger purchases I made for myself with my first job out of graduate school. Unfortunately, years ago, they fell and got scratched on the pavement as I was heading into work. Since they were more expensive than some other frames, I preferred not to completely replace them.

Two or three years ago, I took them to a store in the mall that described the replacement process through a website and ordering lenses. I never did it, and it has been years that I dealt with using sunglasses with scratched lenses.

When Fuse Lenses sent me lenses, I realized that I should have replaced the old ones much earlier than I did. The process of ordering lenses was simple. After I sent them a picture of my sunglasses, they told me which ones to order.

I was mostly nervous about replacing the lenses myself because I worried I would make a mistake and break the frames. The company sent me a video showing how to soak them in warm soapy water, loosen the old lenses, and take them out. Then, the new ones snap right in. Replacing the lenses myself was easier than I could have imagined. Now, they’re like new again!

Fuse Lenses

Father’s Day is a good time to buy items that Dad might not buy himself otherwise, like a nice tie. At The Suit Depot, you can buy top men’s brands at a reasonable price. I picked out the Zegna Print Silk Tie and the Kiton Napoli Tie.

There’s a funny story behind why I needed to buy my husband a tie. This gift made up for a time when I first started dating him. I thought I would be helpful, so I tossed his work clothes, including his favorite Zegna tie, in the laundry. It turned out that ties don’t do so well in the washing machine. Nonetheless, these brand new ties make up for my careless — yet well-intentioned — mistake.

The Suit Depot Zegna Print Silk Tie and Kiton Napoli Tie

While you’re making sure that Dad has all the nice dress clothes he needs for nice occasions, pick out Cufflinks and a Tie Bar. Men don’t always pick these out for themselves, but these stylish items are helpful to have for special events.

The Suit Depot Cufflinks and Tie Bar

Gifts for Dog Dads

Dog dads deserve love on Father’s Day too! Plan a special outing or at-home activity, like a pet talent show. Recently, my daughter has been taking dog training classes. She learned the steps to teach our puppy Coco how to go bowling. It’s adorable! If she can fully train Coco in this skill by Father’s Day, it would be a fun and entertaining to watch a special puppy show.

You could also pick out more masculine pet accessories for Dad to use when taking the dog on a walk. From Frenchie Store, you can get a black, vegan leather harness along with a black and white luxury leash.

When we recently took our Yorkie to a dog beach, which you can see photos of here, my daughters decided to use this leash because it has a more comfortable grip than our previous leash had.

Frenchie Store black, vegan leather harness and black and white luxury leash

You can also get cute accessories, like the pink and white pet head bow. It’s fully adjustable to fit different sized dogs, and it would make an adorable addition to a Father’s Day photo shoot.

Frenchie Store pink and white pet head bow

This Father’s Day, mail a gift that fits with Dad’s interests. Thoughtfully selecting a gift shows that you truly care.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.