Encouraging Your Child's Interests with ESX360 Gaming Gear

Encouraging Your Child’s Interests with ESX360 Gaming Gear

Recently, I shared how I plan to keep my kids off screens this summer. You can check out 3 Absolutely Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids and Setting up our Garden for inspiration! However, as I plan out my work schedule for my virtual summer camps, I know that constantly having an activity planned for my own children is not possible. Since they enjoy gaming, I am going to help them schedule in time for their hobby as long as they can keep it balanced with other areas of their life. Today, I’m featuring ESX360 gaming gear and sharing why showing my support for this hobby matters.

Encouraging Your Child's Interests with ESX360 Gaming Gear

Why You Should Encourage Your Child’s Interest in Gaming

Since the pandemic started last year, my daughter has worked hard on creating a gaming channel of her own called Girly Gamer. At first I wasn’t sure about her posting content herself. As the adult managing the account, I worried about safety, but she let me check through her videos before posting. YouTube has child safety features too, like disabling all comments and the likes/comments.

Unlike her father, I never was into gaming as a child or adult. This new YouTube channel wasn’t something I felt I would connect with her over.

However, the more she worked at her gaming channel, the more I realized how confident it made her to have complete creative control over her own online identity. Sure, she learned video editing, collaboration, and problem-solving strategies, but she also was able to have a space online that was hers and hers alone. As a blogger’s child who has been written about and appeared in videos for years, being able to decide how she wants to share her ideas with the world is powerful to her.

Dedicating herself to one niche at this age can be a challenge. She has so many parts to herself and different interests. She has also started a singing channel and an American Girl stop motion channel, and she is excited to make slime videos with the channel she has with her sister. Since she is working on so many different projects, it was a big accomplishment for her to see her work on her gaming channel finally pay off with a collaboration.

Encouraging Your Child's Interests with ESX360 Gaming GearSeeing her work ethic and dedication inspires me to pay attention more when she talks about gaming. I might not know or understand it all, but she seems to light up when I ask her about it.

To show my support, I helped her work out a collaboration with a gaming gear company ESX360.  They sent her a white kids’ gaming chair, two hats, gaming gloves, gaming sleeves, and a gaming jersey.

Encouraging Your Child's Interests with ESX360 Gaming Gear

You can check out my her new video on The Sammie and Georgie Show sharing three reasons kids should game. With her little sister as the camera person, they had so much fun making it together. It was interesting seeing them be so independent as I walked away and let them manage a room full of lighting equipment and a nice camera on a tripod. As nervous as I was, they came through with a wonderful video.

Her favorite thing out of everything was the kids’ gaming chair. It’s just the right size, and it has nice, comfortable cushions. Although it is specifically for gaming, it works well for being in online school all day. Having her very own chair makes her feel more like she’s at a real school desk instead of sharing the family computer.

She also really liked that the accessories all said Gamer on them, like the hat and gloves. Since these items fit with her YouTube name Girly Gamer, they help her get into a gaming mindset as she works on her channel.

Encouraging Your Child's Interests with ESX360 Gaming Gear

We might both create content about different things, but seeing her dedication to planning this video out reminded me that we aren’t so different after all.

If your child is interested in starting a YouTube channel but isn’t sure how to start, you can sign them up for my YouTube Channel One-on-One Coaching class on Outschool.

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Disclosure: I received a free item, but it in no way influenced my opinion.