My Kids & I Interviewed "Country Comfort" Star Shiloh Verrico

My Kids & I Interviewed ‘Country Comfort’ Star Shiloh Verrico

A few weeks ago, my tween daughter and I discovered we did have something in common as we both tuned into Fuller House and watched every available episode. When it ended, it was a struggle to find another show that was young (but not too young), funny but also heartwarming. When we came across Country Comfort on Netflix, we finally found a new show we could enjoy together!

After a few Tweets and an email, my daughters and I had the incredible opportunity to interview Shiloh Verrico, who plays Cassidy. We found out about the interview as Sammie was preparing to celebrate her music-themed 11th birthday. With Shiloh playing such a musical role on the show, it was like an awesome gift to get to meet her.

Shiloh has such a genuine personality and seems very level-headed about her big debut. Check out our interview to listen to her sing some of her favorite song from the show, which shows a wonderful range and vocal quality. She also talks about what it was like working with an amazing cast that includes Eddie Cibrian (who she describes in the interview as “also like a huge kid”), Katharine McPhee, and LeAnn Rimes.

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Netflix ‘Country Comfort’

Since I am originally from Nashville, this show reminded me of home. From episode one on, I was making connections from the show to my own life. As the tornadoes crashed through, I thought back to the horrible tornadoes that went through when I lived there.

When I followed along with Bailey (Katharine McPhee) getting a gig as a nanny, I remembered what it was like growing up with a sister who nannied (for LeAnn Womack too, so there’s a music connection!).

There’s an ongoing part in the show about Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, a world-famous spot for listening to honky tonk in Nashville. People who have performed there include Pink, Keith Urban, Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift as well as Willie Nelson, Patsy Cline, and more. Whether it’s midday or midnight, if you want to listen to music, it’s the place to go.

Despite Tootsie’s being a small building that serves kid-friendly food, it would technically qualify as a bar. That’s why in the show, when Bailey performs on stage, and she has to bring the kids inside, it’s a nerve-racking experience for her.

This part of the show reminded me of the time I visited Nashville with my kids to write about Kid-Friendly Places in Downtown Nashville. My dad, who plays guitar and follows along with the music scene there, gave them a tour of the best and most legendary downtown music spots there, including Tootsie’s. Since it’s open as early as 9 am, it’s possible to grab chicken nuggets for the kids while enjoying the music Nashville is known for playing live in front of you.

Towards the end of the season when LeAnn Rimes shows up, I wanted to wear my own LeAnn Frickin’ Rimes tee-shirt like Bailey does! LeAnn Rimes was the youngest, biggest star when I was growing up there. I remember thinking how incredible it was to hear her sing in her music videos at such a young age.

More than anything, as I watched, I could remember what it was like to dream of being someone in Nashville, like Bailey does on the show. After all, that’s where I auditioned for a movie, got the part, and wound up with an incredible husband and two kids too.

Netflix "Country Comfort"
Photo credit: Netflix

Shiloh Verrico’s Role As Cassidy

Shiloh plays quite a large role on the show with there being a big focus on the connection between Cassidy and Bailey. Whenever Bailey doubts herself, Cassidy is there for her, and when Cassidy doubts herself, Bailey is there.

Cassidy and her family are dealing with the loss of the mother. This role requires an emotional depth and understanding of the character without overacting. Shiloh does a good job with the performance. She becomes moody when her father begins to date someone new, frustrated when she feels let down, and upset when she is reminded of her mother. She also has to channel a sense of calm and happiness when Bailey works her magic as the best nanny ever. Throughout this rollercoaster of emotions, you can really see how well she knows her character.

Netflix "Country Comfort" Eddie Cibrian and Shiloh Verrico
Photo credit: Netflix

Cassidy and her family are all very musical. This really allows Shiloh’s background as a performer to shine. She’s been performing songs on stage for years and has always been very confident in front of a crowd. After listening to Shiloh sing during my interview, I could really hear all of the effort she has been putting into her singing as well as her beautiful natural abilities.

My Kids & I Interviewed "Country Comfort" Star Shiloh Verrico

Having broken into the national spotlight with her role on Country Comfort at age 10, Shiloh has been acting in theater since age 5. After performing in two off-Broadway shows, she appeared in a Breyers Vanilla Bean ice cream commercial. We’re hoping we’ll see Shiloh in season two someday!

Netflix dropped the 10 episodes of Country Comfort on March 19, 2021.Country Comfort is now out on Netflix

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