American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll

Christmas Gift Idea: American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll

Are you looking for a beautiful Christmas gift for girls that is sure to impress? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, I’m sharing the American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll. This collectible, limited edition doll is a special and memorable gift idea.

American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll in Box

American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll Unboxing

The doll arrives in a special, bright pink Collector Series box that has a window with which to view the doll. Since some girls may want to keep the doll in the box to put on display, it’s nice that you can view the whole doll, outfit, and accessories in the packaging, unlike their traditional boxes.

What Age is Best to Buy the Doll?

Another thing I noticed was that the packaging says ages 8 and up. However, since the website says ages 6 and up, it isn’t clear which age American Girl recommends. Given the price of the doll, ages 8 and up makes more sense. At that age, children can better understand that they should not risk damaging the doll. It can also be a good idea to give children a few years to make sure they are really into dolls before you make such a large purchase.

Tweens and older girls who are fans of the company’s dolls would be excited to see this under the tree too. For older girls, they could be more into the idea of displaying the doll.

Is 12 and up too old to get dolls for Christmas? Absolutely not! In the American Girl Writing & Acting Camp I teach, I’ve had a really good group of girls age 11 and 12 who love collecting the dolls and are very talented at making movies with them. They enjoy the detail of crafting tiny things and creating an incredible world through their storytelling. Just like how some people never grow out of playing video games, it’s completely okay to still love playing with dolls as you get older too!

American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll Close Up Eyes Closed

Close-up of the American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll

Looking close-up at the American Girl 2021 Winter Princess doll, she has gorgeous pink highlights throughout her long blonde hair and lovely sparkly eyeshadow. This is unique for American Girl dolls, who don’t usually come with makeup permanently applied. Her lips also seem glossy as though they have on lip stick.

Usually my favorite feature of the American Girl dolls is that they are very natural and age-appropriate, unlike some other types of dolls who look more mature. However, her fun holiday makeup doesn’t seem out of place for the brand. Most of the doll characters are around age eight to twelve, and it doesn’t seem unreasonable for a 12-year-old to have some sparkles on their face for the holidays. In fact, the sparkles are a really special and pretty part of who this doll is.

American Girl 2021 Winter Princess Doll Close Up Eyes Open

Looking closer at her face, you can see that her eyes are a hazel color. She has earrings that my children will be excited about because they have never had any of their dolls’ ears pierced!

Close Up on Swarovski Crystal Dress

Girls will especially remember this doll because of the authentic Swarovski crystals on the stud earrings, on the necklace, on the rose gold metal tiara, and all over her pink satin tulle dress.

With the doll, you also receive sparkly ballet flat shoes with glitter accents, long pink gloves, a sphere-shaped glitter purse with a rose gold metal chain, and a numbered certificate.

If you want this to arrive in time for Christmas, order soon. The website currently says it will ship by December 10th.

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