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Before the onslaught of candy this Halloween, check out the adorable Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit! My daughter is excited to have another way to make those milestone Tooth Fairy moments even more special. I appreciate that it’s foolproof, and that it helps make brushing teeth fun. Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, check out what comes inside the kit, and enter to win one for yourself!

Brushalot Tooth Fairy Kit

This kit comes with fun items inside to get kids happy to care for their teeth. The irresistibly-huggable stuffed horse, who is named Incisor in the children’s book, is as immaculately white as your teeth should be when they’re cleaned well! His saddle has a pouch for teeth to go. To make the Tooth Fairy’s job easier, Incisor goes at the end of the bed when his pouch contains a tooth.

Even the box itself is exciting to have arrive to your home! The box shows different characters, along with their helpful toothbrush and toothpaste, and words that say Special Delivery from Pearly White City.

Another part of this enchanting kit is the storybook “Adventures of Brushalot.” This creative, beautiful hardcover storybook follows General Floss and her teeth-saving team, including Sir Brushalot and their loyal steed, Incisor, as they fight off Prince Plaque and his band of Tartar Troopers. The imaginative story helps children learn about the importance of good dental hygiene and inspires them to take care of their teeth.

The Brushalot storybook provides thoughtful answers to kids’ most common questions about the Tooth Fairy, from Who is she? to How does she know I lost my tooth?, while helping to calm their concerns about losing and letting go of a tooth.

One of the most useful items is the tooth-shaped, color-changing nightlight that can be proudly pushed after each teeth cleaning. When it’s time for a Tooth Fairy visit, children can make the nightlight glow “Brushalot Blue” to let her know – and remind parents! – that a tooth is ready for pick up!

When I recently learned at a dentist appointment that my older daughter had lost the last of her baby teeth, I realized how special I want these traditions to be while they last. Whether we’re reading the book together before bedtime or I’m watching her cuddle the cute stuffed horse, it’s wonderful to make these memories.

First tooth photo

It’s never too late to add more to your Tooth Fairy tradition! Well, until the baby teeth are all gone! At least we have a few more years to make these memories special and meaningful.

My favorite thing about this kit is that it’s easy to use, whether you love making a big deal about magical traditions or you try to keep things more simple. The responsibility falls to your child to push the night light button after brushing their teeth, which helps improve dental hygiene, and the stuffed horse makes it easier for a lost tooth to be collected.

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