All That Glitters Workshop {Wedding}

Deep Breath … It’s hard to find the words to thank everyone who made this day possible, who made this dream come true. Ever since before I called myself a professional photographer I started looking at wedding blogs and admiring these breath taking photo’s. Every morning I would follow on my Google Reader at my corporate job and just ohhh and ahhh over the images. People got to do this for real life and I would imagine how incredible it would be as I continued writing proposals and marketing contracts day in and day out.  Isn’t that how we all start out? We imagine ourselves there taking those beautiful images and celebrating with people on the happiest day of their life. We all love LOVE, every wedding photographer is a hopeless romantic in some way, they at least believe in love + fairy tales and our happily ever after.  I started seeing these workshops, these lavish florals, beautiful dresses, and I dreamed of the day when I too would be able to do this. When I would know enough awesome people in my life that we could collaborate and make something on paper a reality.
I met Tamlyn with Colt + Coop Supply & Design a little over a year ago but for as much as I can remember she has always been in my life. She and I have the same way of thinking, the same love of all things glitter, the respect for the beauty that is in the details, the craftiness of taking on crazy projects, and we both should not be left alone in Michaels for extended periods of time. One night while browsing Pinterest I came across a fashion type image with moss and succulents and I texted Tamlyn how amazing would this be in your studio as a wedding photo, when she replied back YES let’s do it … our brain began spinning. It was the next day while tackling a painting project together that we got the idea of creating a workshop, a portfolio builder, a way for other photographers to share in the fun. I quickly emailed my good friend and wedding planner extraordinaire Desiree with Desiree Dawn Events. I knew that if I wanted to actually teach photographers it had to be a group effort, I wanted everyone to learn something and as a new photographer what better way to learn then to hear from someone you could potentially work with one day. A person that loves her job and that I respect completely for the work she does, and I knew immediately that she would be perfect for this collaboration.
Tamlyn and Lindsey transformed that studio into a scene that took my breath away. I just kept walking around noticing even more details … details on top of details. I was giddy with excitement seeing something we only dreamed become a reality. The night before the workshop I met with Veronica from Anthology flowers who came all the way up from Miami to spend over three hours in the studio with Tyler and myself making magic happen. Watching her work was incredible, I wish I had a green thumb and an eye for flowers the way she does, what she did to all of the details that Tamlyn + Lindsey set out was pure magic. Jamie with Southern Belle’s cakery did an amazing job on the cake, it was absolutely perfect for the rustic door dessert table. This is the second time I’ve worked with Jamie on a styled shoot and she just amazes me with her creativity. I also enlisted the help of an incredible dress designer on Etsy. We emailed back and forth and found the perfect dress for the shoot, Erin was so nice that a few days before the workshop she had just completed a second dress and send it as well! It was really fun to be able to use both dresses for the shoot and give everyone even more variety in their pictures.

Early on the workshop day Jenn with Jenn P Makeup and Emily with Styles by Emily arrived early to doll up our adorable models Kelsey and Kris. You guys are the dream team and I look forward to each time we all get to work together. And to Kelsey and Kris, when you guys get married for real one day I will shoot your wedding for free because you guys are seriously that awesome and I cannot thank you enough for being so great all day with all of the attendees and for walking down the hot street with me and sweating as I pushed you further back into a what appeared to be a willow tree.

And to all of the attendees who came, Tracey, Annie, Dawn, Melinda, Sarah, Kat, and Allison … it meant so much to me for you all to be there and I really truly hope that you had as much fun as I did the entire day. I enjoyed talking with you all and hearing about your new ventures. I wish you all the best of luck in following your dreams and I really hope that you left inspired and learned something new.

::Steps off soap box:: yes I know this was a rambling post and if you actually have made it this far then Thank you for reading this … my heart felt thank you. I hope that everyone enjoys these images and takes away inspiration from the beauty of multiple extremely creative and talented individuals.



All That Glitters Workshop:

Photographer: Melissa Enid Photography

Styling: Colt + Coop Supply & Design

Wedding Planner/Speaker/Collaborator: Desiree Dawn Events

Flowers: Anthology

Cake: Southern Belle’s Cakery

Dresses: Truly Bridal

Hair: Styles by Emily

Make up: Make up by Jenn P

Models: Kelsey + Kris, real life adorable couple

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