'A Halloween Sleepover' Selected for Kids First! Film Festival

‘A Halloween Sleepover’ Selected for Kids First! Film Festival

Short student film ‘A Halloween Sleepover’ featuring American Girl doll stop motion has been selected by the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival! It will be made available to more than 50 venues affiliated with KIDS FIRST!, including established film festivals, museums, film societies and other similar. 'A Halloween Sleepover' Selected for Kids First! Film FestivalThe movie will have a landing page on the KIDS FIRST! website. It also received a wonderful review from a KIDS FIRST! critic!

'A Halloween Sleepover' Selected for Kids First! Film FestivalKIDS FIRST! Movie Review

‘A Halloween Sleepover’ is the perfect short to show in schools about trick or treating safety tips. Even though the clip is super short, it still teaches you to not go trick or treating by yourself or without adult supervision. I like how dolls are used in this project. I like the originality of this short film.

This film is about two friends sleeping over on Halloween night. One of the girls (a doll) is dressed in a costume and she gets the idea of going trick or treating by themselves and without supervision of an adult. They go to the first house and get candy, but when they go to the second house they get scared by the owner. The lady tells them that the mom who is hosting the sleepover told her to scare the girls, because they went out without permission. The mom wanted to teach them a lesson.

I like the message to younger kids. This short film is made by a 6th grader, and they did great for such a short film and for little resources. I thought the use of dolls is very original and unique, in this case the American Girl doll brand.

The message is to not go trick or treating on your own. Always be accompanied by an adult.

I give ‘A Halloween Sleepover’ 3.5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. This short film emphasizes safety on Halloween night. That is something every family should discuss with their children.

By Ethan P., KIDS FIRST!

'A Halloween Sleepover' Selected for Kids First! Film Festival


Since 2000, the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival offers a showcase for short and feature films from major studios, independent producers and student filmmakers. The festival partners with more than 50 venues worldwide that host screenings of KIDS FIRST! curated films year-round. These venues include established film festivals such as the Beloit International Film Festival and the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s KIDS FIRST!  Film Festival as well as children’s museums, nonprofit film centers, schools and other local organizations that showcase films from the KIDS FIRST! curated collection at daily, weekly or monthly screenings. For filmmakers, it is like submitting their films to these 50+ venues.

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About ‘A Halloween Sleepover’

Watch ‘A Halloween Sleepover’ below! This short film shares the story of two girls who go trick-or-treating, and they are in for a fright!

The movie is the directorial debut of middle school student Samantha Pickett, who also wrote and acted in the movie.

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