3 Absolutely Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids

3 Absolutely Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids

Are you looking for ways to keep your children active at home this summer? If so, you are in the right place! Featured today on Enjoying Family Life, I’m sharing three absolutely fun outdoor toys for kids. Each one was evaluated on three factors. I considered how engaging it is, how involved of an experience it is, and how easy it is to do independently.

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3 Absolutely Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids

I remember last summer when my virtual camp took off, and I was teaching for 4 to 7 hours a day. Although I fit in 15-20 minute walking breaks in between each one, it was difficult to find the time to provide my children with entertaining experiences that also encouraged them to exercise. The combination of summer heat and not joining a pool or traveling meant that it was an especially sedentary summer.

With my daughters not having anything to entertain them, they spent most of their summertime gaming. Since one of them created a YouTube channel and learned video editing, it wasn’t a completely lost summer. They also took some online classes to keep up with learning, but it was difficult to maintain motivation to exercise.

I’m a huge advocate of unplugging and staying healthy during summer vacation. To make it easier for parents to plan screen-free, physically active ideas for their children, I am sharing my top picks.

Terra Kids Activity Sets

If you are looking for a toy that also involves STEM education, Terra Kids activity sets are a neat idea. Parents may have to help with some of the steps, like sawing sticks for the boat. Although some of the kits involve guidance, they are a good choice for children who enjoy figuring things out and persevering.

Watch the video to see The Sammie and Georgie Show do an unboxing of the items and try out a few.

We were most excited to try the Terra Kids Maxi Glider. It only involved a few simple steps to assemble, which you can see in the video. The light foam material makes it easy to fly. Although this set is simple to do independently, the foam material is not the strongest. For younger children, you may want to work with them to show them how to fly it without breaking it.

When my daughter opened the Terra Kids Block and Tackle, she immediately knew how to assemble it to make a pulley in our tree. The educational aspect was nice since my younger daughter hasn’t studied pulleys yet. This activity could use a tree house or a tree you can climb so there is somewhere to pull the items up to when you use it.

Another item my children immediately tried out was the Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier. They attempted to catch a flying bug, which flew away, so they caught a slug instead.

Heading to the creek just became much more fun with the Terra Kids Cork Boat. There is some assembly required, including using a saw to cut sticks to a specific length. Although parental supervision is necessary with this set, I like that it incorporates science and math in a fun and engaging way. It would be the perfect activity to do together for a homeschooling measurement and buoyancy lesson.

When we’re at the creek with the boat kit, we’re going to make sure to bring the Terra Kids – Scoop Net. It’s a fun small accessory that works to catch water creatures as well as flying insects.

BareFit USA Balance Boards

Occasionally in summer, the weather isn’t great for playing outside. That is when the BareFit USA Balance Board Core Trainer comes in handy since it works indoors and outdoors. It is small enough to be portable and to store in small locations.

You can watch The Sammie and Georgie Show try the balance boards out as part of an incredibly fun, active, and exciting obstacle course. Make sure to leave a comment on the videos. We enjoy reading them all and responding!

The kids’ review was 100% positive. It has the excitement factor of their favorite activities like rollerblading without all the preparation and supplies. They also like that it prepares them to skateboard. This activity helped build their confidence in all activities that require balance. Although these balance boards provide a serious core workout, children barely realize they’re working their muscles because it’s so fun.

Even as an adult, I found myself using these boards all the time. I was considering getting a treadmill, but these are such a space saver. Using it for 10-15 minutes whenever I can instantly made my body feel healthier.

SkimBe Disc Set

Another item that is fun to take to the creek is the Skim to the Pin Game. You can use it on any body of water. A lake or pool would make this an incredible fun activity too.

This activity works similar to skipping rocks, but it’s even more fun and effective because the discs float better. This makes it easier for children, who also enjoy the game aspect. The Pin is on a weight that you can place anywhere. You can even buy the discs separately in case they float away, or they would be fun to have a few extra as frisbees too.

With all of these items, you can decide how involved of an experience you want. If your children are looking for a simple backyard activity when parents are working, the maxi glider is a great pick. During your work break, you could challenge your children to put together an obstacle course for the whole family with the balance boards. When you plan a visit to a body of water, try the Skim to the Pin game, or take out some basic tools to try the cork boat.

Creating a fun summer filled with memorable experiences can be simple! Whichever items you decide to try, they provide great entertainment value.

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