Bernie walks back his walk back

As most of you probably know, Senator Bernie Sanders (C-Vermont) once positioned himself as a friend to gun owners. He wasn’t really much of a friend. The highest the NRA ever rated him was C- for one election cycle. He’s generally been an F-rated candidate. But then Hillary Clinton (D-Pending Indictment) began to hammer him on some of his pro-gun votes; most recently his support of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Bernie began to walk back what little support he once gave to the 2nd Amendment.

But at last night’s Democrat debate, Bernie started to walk back his walk back. He decided not to board the crazy train with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton…

Sanders, given a chance to respond, said, “Look, what happened at Sandy Hook, what happened in Michigan, what has happened far too often all over this country is a terrible, terrible tragedy, and we have got to do everything we can, as I mentioned a moment ago, to end these mass killings.

“But, as I understand what your question is — and, you’re not the only person whose heart was broken. I know, I was there in the Senate when we learned about this killing. It is almost unspeakable to talk about some lunatic walking into a — I mean; it is hard to even talk about it.

“We all feel that way. But it, as I understand it, Anderson, and maybe I’m wrong, what you’re really talking about is people saying let’s end gun manufacturing in America. That’s the implications of that, and I don’t agree with that.”

Ol’ Bern has said in the past that he wants to protect gun sellers from frivolous lawsuits, not manufacturers. He’s backing off from that now (or rather, getting back to where is was in 2005) since that protection scheme would end small arms manufacturing in the US. And as we’ve mentioned before, that is in fact a goal of the Sandy Hook lawsuit.