“Let’s poke it with a stick…”

When one comes across a slumbering bear, it’s best to quickly, and quietly, leave. Poking it with a stick is grizpretty much the opposite of that.

There are an estimated 13 million gun owners in California. This compares to 16.3 million registered voters. Those gun owners, while not happy with the state of affairs in the Golden State, have been something of a sleeping bruin. This is thanks in large part to the fact that things could be worse. The NRA, the CRPA, and other pro-gun groups have killed off most of the really bad bills that appeared in Sacramento and in city councils across the State. But, there are some politicians who just can’t stop themselves from searching for a stick when they see that snoozing ursid.

2016 is gonna be one of those years. Someone has up and poked the bear.

Tony Canales reports that NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox has announced that all funds raised from California gun owners will stay in the State. “Every dime” will stay here to be used to fight the bad bills, initiatives, and candidates that will be threatening our liberties this year.

To Repeat- Every dime contributed by California Gunowners to the NRA will stay allocated for California issues and actions.

If gunowners of all stripes perform as they have in the past, and fellow gun rights organizations likewise meet the same pledge and spend funds raised in California for California activities, the potential to get a hefty portion of California’s gunowners to register, donate, and vote for the Second Amendment in this most critical election in 20 years can come to fruition.

NRA will out-perform, as it has done in the past. New and invigorated CRPA leadership is already gearing up to go out to gunowners and get them all into “Beast Mode”. If that happens, if we build that Perfect Beast of an activist voter base, it’s not just the Washington Establishment that is going to be ordering Maalox by the truck-load in November. It’s going to be Sacramento.

If you’re a gun owner who hasn’t already registered to vote, now’s the time. If you’re not an NRA member, click here to sign up. (Or, at least, get involved with one reputable gun owners’ group or another. Just do a little research first to make sure you haven’t accidentally located a Bloomy front organization!) And don’t give us that “I don’t want to be on a list” nonsense. You’re needed. It’s time to nut up.