The light is shining on another gun grabber lie

We’re told by experts like DiFi and Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett that modern, semiautomatic rifles are easily converted to full-auto fire. (According to Gregg Jarrett, you simply install a “bullet button”. #Facepalm) Reports are now surfacing that the San Bernardino terrorists must have been listening to these experts.

At least one of the recovered rifles had been modified in an attempt to make it a fully automatic weapon. (And thus illegal under CA and Federal law.) That attempt failed. Why? Because, we gun nuts know something that gun muggles like Gregg Jarrett don’t know: They don’t work that way! The “easy” modifications require some serious gunsmithing; something that was apparently outside of the skill set possessed by the county food inspector and his mail order ISIS bride.

And just to edify Gregg Jarrett: A “bullet button” replaces the standard magazine catch in an AR platform rifle. It cannot be depressed by hand and requires a tool, like the point of a .223 bullet, to operate. This makes the firearm legal to own under CA law. Paradoxically, it also makes the gun less safe.