Another day. Another “gun free zone”. Another predictable result.

Yesterday’s possible act of Islamofascist terror in San Bernardino, CA, has lead many a high-minded, liberal gun-grabber to demand that gun owners in general, and the NRA in particular, “answer for this terrible crime”. First off, only a fascist would demand that one person or group answer for the crimes of others. Saying that all gun owners bear some responsibility for the shooting is as offensive as saying that all Muslims bear some responsibility for it. So no, we don’t owe you an “answer”.

But while we’re on the subject of answering for one’s own actions, let’s talk, again, and again, about “gun free zones”. Why? Because this was the latest of many “mass shootings” to occur in a “gun free zone”.

Let’s start with a little background about San Bernardino County. The Sheriff’s CCW policy is virtually “shall issue”. For those who don’t understand what this means, there are three types of policies for issuing concealed handgun licenses: Shall issue, may issue, and no issue. The last type, though once the most common type of policy,  no longer exists in the US thanks to the efforts of the NRA. (There are also 7 states with no policy at all. These states, such as Arizona and Vermont, do not require a permit to carry a concealed weapon.) California is a “may issue” state, meaning that local law enforcement may issue a permit at its discretion. “Shall issue” states require law enforcement to issue a permit to any qualified individual who requests one. Most California counties, like San Bernardino, actually follow this policy.

So in theory, there should have been someone present at the Inland Regional Center with a CCW. But there’s a catch: It’s a “gun free zone”. In general, CCW holders are not allowed to bring their firearms into a public buildings in California. (I added the qualification as there might be some building, somewhere, that allows them. As far as I know, none do.) Thus we’re owed a long overdue explanation from anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats: How can you justify this dangerous and deadly policy?

A “gun free zone” is nothing more than a shooting gallery for someone bent upon murder. In case after case, on campus after campus, in government building after government building, these shootings take place in locations where the killer(s) can be sure that they’re the only ones with guns. The cops will eventually get there, but not in time. And the politicians’ response? More “gun free zones”. More free fire areas for murderers. More defenseless victims.

More blood.

It’s time for the gun grabbers to answer for their “gun free zones”.