Those crazy, paranoid, NRA gunnuts

When I was in junior high, our school counselor had a poster in her office with a paraphrase of a line from Joseph Heller’s Catch-22: Just because you’re paranoid, that doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get you. The poster, which was on the back of the door where only students would see it, was mostly a swirl of black and dark purple behind the text and in one corner, a pair of eyes were peering out from behind the darkness in one corner.

The text of the poster was meant by its publishers as a joke, of course. But the fact that they used a copyright busting paraphrase shows that they took it more seriously than they realized. Yes, sometimes people are out to get you. Whether or not you’re paranoid is beside the point; they’re still out to get you.

Which brings us to gun owners and their “paranoia”.

We’re told that we’re just being paranoid when we worry about gun confiscation. But Hillary Clinton, the supposed Democrat nominee for President, has called for just that in the US. We’re told that we’re just being paranoid when we worry about our own government declaring us to be terrorists. But Hillary Clinton did just that, comparing NRA members to the terrorist regime in Teheran. She’s not alone in calling you a terrorist for exercising your God-given rights.

We’re told that worrying about violence, whether criminal or political, is crazy. “No one wants to hurt you, so you don’t need a gun.” Yeah… Right. Just craziness. What were we thinking?

We “gunnuts” joke about Obama being the “Gun salesman of the year” since 2009. But the true is that he had help. The ongoing surge in firearms sales started before he came to office. His товарищи in the Democrat Party were ramping up the crazy long before it became clear that Obama would become TOTUS.

So here’s a little advice for those who really want to reduce the number of firearms in America: Stop scaring people. Your crazy talk about rounding up gun owners, shooting them, stealing their property, or taking away their rights is not helping your cause. You make people want to buy more guns! It’s not paranoia when you’re really out to get us.