More proof that the Antis really don’t grok the 2nd Amendment

I’m quite tempted to go into full mockery mode at Josh Horwitz’s latest Huff-n-Puff rant. It’s kinda hard not to. I mean c’mon… The guy is just such an easy target. But instead, let’s look what the little man is going off on today: A tweet.

Yup… That’s right… 140 characters or less has put Josh’s knickers into a ferocious bunch.

(Full disclosure: I may mock a little. OK… A lot. But this isn’t full mockery mode.)

The NRA Twitter feed linked to this piece from Bob Owens at What’s gotten Josh into a lather isn’t the fact there are many Democrats and liberals fantasizing about violently attacking gun owners; it’s the thought that gun owners would violently resist those attacks. To Josh, this is “insurrectionist” thinking. (GASP!) I hate to break this to you Josh (OK… Who are we kidding? I don’t hate to do this at all!), but the whole point of the 2nd Amendment is to ensure that the People have the means at hand to win an insurrection against a tyrannical government. It’s not about duck hunting; though I doubt that you’ve ever seen the inside of a duck blind.

To anti-gun liberals like Josh, government is their god and statements like that are blasphemy. They simply cannot tolerate the idea that the 2nd Amendment installed a kill switch on their god. Thus, they harbor the same dreams of violence against their god’s enemies as does any blind fanatic.

So what should gun owners take away from this? It’s our job to keep people like Josh from doing something horribly, monumentally stupid. It’s our job, as responsible citizens, to prevent the adoption of the gun confiscation laws Josh and his ilk dream of. As an example, Hillary Clinton wants to pursue an Australian-style gun confiscation program here. It’s our job to stop her; not out of fear that it would work the way she imagines, but because it would spark violence far beyond that which she seeks to stop. These people aren’t bulls in a china shop; they’re bulls in a reactor control room! Yes, we would win the fight they dream of starting, but that’s not the point. The conflict they yearn for is one that we should halt before it starts. As Sun-tzu said “For to win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.”

The anti-gun movement in America is dying on the vine. It’s our job to make sure that it continues to do so.