Whence does the crazy come from?

No, still no answers to this mystery. I still can’t explain what’s going on inside your crazy, anti-gun, relative’s head. But I think that I do have an idea about where some of the crazy is coming from. I think that it’s related to something that I like to call “Health Nuttery”

Have you ever tried to look up something that’s health related on Google? Unless your query is extremely narrow, you’ll find yourself deep in a quagmire of crazy. This is “Health nuttery”; the place where people loose their minds over particular, health related subjects. Their monomania leads them to start entire websites dedicated to telling you what you should or should not eat, drink, smoke, do, or even think about doing with your body. They endlessly blog, tweet, and post to Facebook about how you’re killing yourself because you aren’t following their advice. As an example. if you Google “Health benefits of coffee” and “Health risks of coffee”, each will generate around 50 million results. That’s health nuttery in action.

Anti-gun nuttery is very similar. In both cases, the nutter obsesses over something that someone else is doing. Think Michelle Obama getting a case of the tight jaws because you’re eating a Double-Double for lunch. In the same way, your crazy cousin is hyperventilating because he knows that you’re in a gun store, a thousand miles away, looking at a stripped lower. In neither case, is the nutter being harmed by your actions. That Double-Double, even if it’s Animal style, isn’t going to add so much as a nanometer to FLOTUS’ waistline. Nor is your cousin going to be harmed in any way by that lower. But their idée fixe remains; so much so that both want government agents to enforce their beliefs on you at gunpoint. They’re going to save you even if it kills you!