There is a difference between the 2 Democrats in this race

A note to gun owners in the Los Angeles County 3rd district: Zev Yaroslavky is retiring from the County Board of Supervisors and 2 Democrats are running for his seat. (Yes, it’s a single-party election. Welcome to the other PRC.) Some gun owners may be tempted to think that they don’t have a dog in this fight.

That’s not true.

While both candidates are anti-gun, only Bobby Shriver has Michael Bloomberg’s support. Yes, you can count on Sheila Kuehl to support any anti-gun legislation that comes before the Board, but it’s unlikely that she’d sponsor such a measure. You can’t say the same about Bloomberg’s pet. If Bloomey wants a new gun law in L.A. County, you can count on Shriver to push it for him.

So your choice is between a candidate who supports gun control when someone else brings it up and a candidate who will write it for his lord and master in New York.