“No one needs an assault weapon” Pt. 2

Well, they could be kinda handy to have around one day; especially if “pacifists” like Susie Madrak get their way and our government goes to war with its own people.

Madrak, the managing editor at CrooksAndLiars.com, vented her frustration at the Obama administration’s lackluster efforts to disarm the American People…

But Perlstein doesn’t mention the big honkin’ elephant in the room: Namely, at what point does the federal government literally go to war with its own citizens? Because we’re not talking about bank robbers here, we’re talking about (mostly) non-criminal cranks — scofflaws and political malcontents. So what line has to be crossed in the good old U.S. of A. before we start mowing them down to make our point?

And then we do have the militia types all over the country, just waiting for an excuse to start their own local uprising. These assholes want a civil war so bad, they can taste it.

Some days, I wonder: Should we let them, and just get it over with? You know, settle the burning question about whose is bigger.

She writes this in response to a post at Salon.com that also laments Obama’s retreat from gun control after failing to get new gun laws passed post-Sandy Hook; a post that, like Hillary Clinton, calls gun owners terrorists. (So when she “tries to walk it back”, her explanation that gun owners simple have poor reading skills just doesn’t make sense. Perhaps you’re simply a poor writer, Susie.)

Statists, those who hold that the State should be supreme over the citizen, cannot abide an armed citizenry. When push comes to shove, they want to be the ones doing the pushing and shoving. They don’t want a bunch of “gun nuts” saying no to their plans and being able to make “no” stick. You see, guns in the hands of the People prevent tyranny by discouraging the aspiring tyrant before he even starts. This is analogous to everyday defensive gun uses where the presence of a firearm convinces the bad guy to be someplace else. There are up to 2.5 million defensive gun uses in the US every year. You don’t hear about them on CNN or read about them in CrooksAndLiars because in most of them, no one got shot. The bad guy left before his intended victim started shooting at him. Aspiring tyrants show the same discretion when faced with armed opposition. They decide against policies that might rile the locals.

The danger is that some of these aspiring tyrants might start listening to people like Susie Madrak. They might decide to “mow down” the opposition before it’s too late. Should that day ever arrive, and I pray to God that it never does, then having something that can send lots of lead downrange will be a good thing.