Hillary Clinton on guns and gun owners

At a “Town Hall Meeting” on CNN (i.e. a campaign infomercial!), Hillary Clinton really opened up to the crowd regarding her feelings about guns and gun owners…

Mrs. Clinton repeatedly conflated legal, semi-automatic firearms with machine guns. If you’re a “gun guy” or “gun gal”, you know that machine guns have been heavily regulated since 1934. A special license is needed to own them and you must pay an additional $200 tax on the gun. And, you also know that the mass public shootings she’s talking about didn’t involve machine guns; either legal or illegal. I suspect that Hillary knows these things too. What she’s hoping is that the room full friendly, nodding, low information voters can be easily confused. She’s hoping that they’ll see a scary looking black gun and assume that it’s a machine gun. (And why not? They’re always machine guns in the movies!) Furthermore, you (and probably Hillary too) know that these mass public shootings are not on the rise.

But reality doesn’t matter to Hillary. What matters is gaining and holding power. She thought of herself as “co-President” for 8 years; a “two for one deal” as the Clintons called it then. She wants that power back and she makes it clear that she’s not willing tolerate dissent in her America. To her, an American who believes the plain language of the 2nd Amendment is nothing more than a terrorist.

But then again, after Benghazi, it’s not surprising that she has difficulty recognizing actual terrorists.

(On a side note, the woman asking the question was probably a plant. Throughout Hillary’s answer, she was muttering Bloomberg talking points; including the discredited claim about the number of “school shootings” since Sandy Hook.)