Why those who hate guns should hate gun control laws

Yes, you read that right. If guns scare you and gun owners disgust you, you should oppose gun control laws. Why? Because gun control laws will inevitably lead to lawlessness. Just take a look at Connecticut.

In the aftermath of the murders committed by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, the Connecticut General Assembly decided to punish everyone in the State who is not named Adam Lanza. Tens of thousands of citizens of “The Constitution State” were told to register or surrender their private property; items never involved in a crime owned by citizens who committed no crimes. Approximately 50,000 of them decided to do as they’re told and registered their property with the State. But it is estimated that for each of them, 6 of their neighbors refused to comply. And now, in response to some brave bluster and threats of violence from the State’s anti-gun politicians, many of these instant felons are daring the State to enforce their shiny, new law.

Mολών λαβέ.

But it gets better. Now there are rumors that Connecticut state law enforcement officers are refusing to play the role of the Persians in this little play. And this ought to complete the picture for those gun control supporters who haven’t caught on yet as to why they should oppose gun control laws.

Gun control laws have caused a breakdown of law and order in Connecticut. Rather than make the people of that State safer, they face more violence. You have in that State, a populace who are ignoring the law, a government issuing empty threats in a desperate attempt to enforce the law, and now law enforcement officer who are refusing the to do the Capitol’s bidding. What was once the rule of law over the rule of men has become just the opposite. You cannot have a safe and secure State when the State’s laws are so reviled and disobeyed. And there is no reason why the other laws on the books in Connecticut should fare any better than their gun laws. When one law inspires such disrespect, they all suffer.

Is this what you wanted?

(H/T: FreeRepublic.com)