California: Anti-Gun Legislation to be Considered Tomorrow on the state Senate Floor


California: Anti-Gun Legislation to be Considered Tomorrow Today on the state Senate Floor

Posted on January 29, 2014

Contact your state Senator IMMEDIATELY!

 Anti-gun legislation, Senate Bill 808, is moving extremely fast.  SB 808 has been scheduled to be considered in the state Senate tomorrow.   It is CRUCIAL that you, your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen in California call AND e-mail your state Senator TODAY and TOMORROW urging him or her to OPPOSE SB 808.  For contact information on your state Senator, please click here.

SB 808 would impose heavy restrictions and costly fees on the ability to make, or even assemble, a personal firearm, along with requiring serialization and registration of that personal firearm.  If this bill is in enacted into law, it would even require all firearms made and assembled prior to enactment to have serial numbers and be registered.

Federal law allows firearms to be made and assembled for legal personal use and SB 808 is just another back-door anti-gun scheme to register firearms.   There are already hundreds of superfluous gun laws on the books in California that do nothing to reduce the crime rate.  Please, call AND e-mail your state Senator and let them know that California does not need any more unless gun laws and to OPPOSE SB 808.  Instead, urge your state Senator to concentrate on meaningful legislation relating to school safety, mental health issues, marketing of violence as entertainment for our children and the collapse of federal prosecutions of violent criminals.

Don’t forget to forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen in California and urge them to call AND e-mail their state Senator urging them to OPPOSE this needless bill.

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