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…and then the crazy gets turned up to 12.

I, for one, wasn’t aware that the anti-gun crazy went past 11.

Who knew?!

As you will recall, the crazy got turned up to 11 at the Sundance Channel when someone thought that a “family drama” about the “head of the NRA” would make for good ratings. We pointed out here that this probably sounded like a swell idea for a ripping yarn to those who inhabit the anti-gun bubble universe. However, the universe of Sundance viewers, or make that potential viewers, is far larger than the group of anti-gun latte sippers one will find in the Sundance break room. Anti-gun lunacy is unlikely to entice many viewers to make the trek out into the high three-digit numbers of their cable or satellite tuners. If I’m gonna wear my thumb to a nub getting that high up into the channels, I’m going to keep going to get to the outdoor channels where I can see firearms putting meat on the table. It’s just a little ways past crazytown on my box.

But now the crazy knob is getting cranked to 12.

Big time Hollywood producer, and big time Democrat donor, Harvey Weinstein is stepping up to the plate with “The Senator’s Wife”, reportedly starring Meryl Streep. The movie will, as Weinstein puts it, make the NRA “wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.” The gist of the story, as near as I can tell, is that Harvey’s script will show that the boys and girls of the NRA were very naughty for not letting Barack Obama have his way with his gun law. Very naughty indeed.

Seriously… That’s pretty much the extent of it.

As with the Sundance brain fart, I’m sure that this sounds like a really great idea to Harvey and his inner circle. They probably really do think that they’ve got box office gold on their hands. And like the anti-gun whackos at Sundance, Harvey and company are demonstrating the danger of limiting one’s social contacts to only like minded people. When all of your friends say the same thing over and over again, you quickly come to believe that their views are universal. They are in your little bubble universe, but not in the one inhabited by 7 billion people you don’t hang out with.

Now some of you might be wondering why someone who’s made so much money playing with guns would have a bee in his bonnet about them. It really doesn’t make sense given his résumé. Let’s be honest, the man has made a boatload of cash making movies about gunplay. If he’s going to be conflicted about it, he’s a little late to that party.

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