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Inequality in the First World

Inequality Deep in the First World: the Story of Japan

By: Martin Sigalow The World Economic Forum’s annual review of gender equality downgraded Japan in its 2012 report to 101st in the world in terms of gender equality. [1] This ordinal ranking, which places Japan right below Malaysia, is shocking to the degree that it is since most residents of the developed world tend to […]

“Do no harm”: Corruption in the Indian Healthcare System

By: Lauren Webb In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, a hysterectomy (the removal of a woman’s uterus) is an operation of last resort, conducted only after a biopsy or other tests confirm cancer and rarely necessary for women under age 40. In several states in India, however, a recent Oxfam report […]

When Motion Pictures and Foreign Policy Collide

By: Maija Ehlinger Perhaps you celebrated the Eighty-Fifth Academy Awards in grand style, taking in the Hollywood & Highland spectacle from the night.  This year’s films dazzled moviegoers the world over; transporting audiences back to moments of historical legend, into present-day terror cells, and even into the chaotic and vividly stimulating mind of an Indian […]

Myanmar: Seeing is not always believing

By: Laurabeth Goldsmith This semester I am traveling the world on Semester At Sea, a University of Virginia study abroad program. As we circumnavigate the globe by ship, I will visit 12 countries and have the opportunity to examine different cultures, histories, and religions. I am particularly interested in gender equality and international development and […]

EJIA Celebrates Women’s Month!

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8th, Emory Journal of International Affairs is celebrating Women’s Month in March!  We will be touching on a wide variety of women’s issues from around the world.  Feel free to submit an article via, or read up on international women’s rights movements right here on the […]


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