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Air Quality in Afghanistan: The Importance of Environmental Health and American Policy

By: Maija Ehlinger  Barack Obama’s second inaugural speech this January provided an unmistakable message to the American public and the world. With a renewed sense of hope and optimism, Obama reminded us that our generation inherited the revolutionary thoughts of 1776, the passion of the street marches in Selma, and the countless other moments that […]

Laughing Stock: How Stand Up Comedy is Transforming the Middle East

By: Kate Moran December 2008, Amman. Dean Obeidallah, a New Jersey-born, Palestinian-American comedian, surveys the audience before him at Al Hussein Cultural Centre. It is opening night at the first-ever Amman Stand Up Comedy Festival and he’s scheduled to perform a set. This set will be no different than on any other night, but tonight’s […]

South Korean President-elect Madame Park’s “Trustpolitik”

By: Se Hwan Youn Pyongyang may detonate its third nuclear device anytime today or tomorrow. Or it could hold off on the explosion until it welcomes in South Korea’s new administration with a third nuclear test. In the meantime, President-elect Park Geun-hye will be inaugurated as the first female leader of South Korea in three […]

Tunisia, Democracy, and an Arab Winter: Where are we now?

By: Martin Sigalow January 17th marked the two year anniversary of the conclusion of the Tunisian Revolution, an event which sparked a chain reaction of democratic uprisings across the Middle East. As mixed as the results of this “Arab Spring” were for the stability of the region as a whole, Tunisia’s revolution seemed to be […]


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